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    Full Name: Taimoore Rajah
    Username: Taimoore
    Last Logged In: February 02, 2015
    Registered: July 02, 2011
    Total Posts: 7
    Status: Registered User
    Job Title: Medical Physicist and Clinical Reseacher
    Hospital/Company/Organisation: National Institutes of Health
    Address: 10 Center Drive,
    Bldg. 10
    Clinical Center,
    Bethesda, Maryland
    Telephone: +1-703-203-9601
    Website Address (URL):
    Professional Interests: Radiology & Interventional Radiogy Clinical Research
    Invivo-Invitro Animal Research
    RIS/PACS- HIS Interface
    Dicom and Non-DICOM Images
    PACS and SIS (Surgical Info Systems) integration
    PACS Supplier: Kodak - Carestream
    RIS Supplier: McKesson
    HIS Supplier: Allscripts/Eclypsis
    Modality Suppliers (CR,CT,MR etc.): CT - Siemens, Phillips Medical, GE
    MRI (1.5T)- GE, Philips Medical
    MRI (3T) - GE, Phillips Medical Siemens
    MRI (7T-14T)- Varian Medical, Bruger, Oxford Instruments
    PET/CT - Siemens
    PET/MRI - Siemens
    SPECT/CT - Phillips Medical
    PET - GE
    Ultrasound - Sonosite, HP, Siemens, Phillips Medical, Aloka
    Fluoro - Siemens
    PACS Broker (interface engine): Inhouse Developed
    Number of PACS Workstations: 20
    Number of Web Workstations: 500+
    Teleradiology Supplier: None
    Do you have a home connection?: yes

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