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National Standard List of Clinical Imaging Procedures ...
Archived Versions
Examination Coding Questions & Answers
Liver MRI with USPIO
Coding Choices
Updating to V3 exam codes
Korner Code help
Requests for Change and Clarification
Archive through February 19, 2007
Archive through August 12, 2005
Archive through November 30, 2005
Archive through February 09, 2006
Archive through February 23, 2006
Archive through April 07, 2006
Archive through June 29, 2006
Archive through September 01, 2006
Archive through September 20, 2006
Archive through February 19, 2007
Archive through November 08, 2007
Interventional Radiology Procedure Codes
Updating existing RIS codes
April 2008 exam code inconsistencies
National Exam Codes vs DoH Diagnostic return line ID
Medical Photography Examination Codes
Ultrasound Soft Tissue
HRG Codes
Cone Beam CT Codes
Skeletal survey - non accidental - retirement
Mapping table from diagnostic imaging codes to OPCS-4
Availability of codes
Oct 2009 Codes
Duplicate Exam Codes
Obstetric Code ZUMUA
National codes - U/S Abdomen
National Examination Coding - Oct 2010
Mapping NHS Clinical Imaging Procedure Codes to CPT Codes
Review of Foreign Films
National codes and Agfa RIS
Modified Barium Swallow from Speech Therapy department
X-ray Scoliosis /kyphosis
Combined Exam Code for Brain and Orbits
Consultation: NICIP Depreciation
Does the abdomen include the pelvis?
Archived Discussions
RIS codes and descriptors
Archive through May 04, 2005
Examination coding
Archive through February 06, 2003
Dental Codes
Z codes (Import and Review procedure codes)
Procedure Descriptors and Short codes
Archive through July 12, 2004
Archive through August 12, 2004
Purpose of coding radiology examinations
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