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PACS Procurement & Business Cases
PACS Managed Services and VAT
Data Migration and Image retention
Demo & trial of an AI assisted COVID-19 lung CT detection...
Reporting monitors - scoring matrix
AI Platforms, PACS and RIS--standards for integrations
Evolution of PACS
PACS Tender & Contract Specification
PACS with AI will replace PACS without AI
Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning/Machine Learning em...
Computer Aided Detection-CAD and VNA/XDS consumer in PACS...
DICOM WG-17 3D Manufacturing: File Formats SURVEY
Chest X-ray--largest exam type linked to UK radiology lit...
Enterprise Imaging/Document Strategy-PACS 2020
Smart Comparison with prior
Enterprise XDS VNA vs Regional DICOM VNA
Enterprise VNA components for a Paperless NHS Trust
Machine Learning and PACS in 2020
PACS Replacements in 2016-17
Hello folks
PACS/RIS Acquisition Need Advice and Feedback
From PACS to VNA
Archive through April 29, 2015
Archive through May 07, 2015
NHS Five Year Forward Review & VNA
PACS Replacement --2013
Archive through January 13, 2011
Archive through January 24, 2011
Archive through May 18, 2011
Archive through May 29, 2011
Archive through December 12, 2012
PACS Store and Forget
HL7 ORM Agreement with PACS vendor
EHI 2014...
Image retrieval
Archive through August 20, 2014
Archive through August 27, 2014
UKRC--PACS and RIS Procurement and Replacement session
Image Compression
Archive through January 17, 2007
Qinec & Intelerad
2013 Replacements--happening
PACS & VNA Scoring Matrix
Do you have the latest PACS version, and if not, why not?
Some points to ponder (PACS and RIS replacement)
Colour Monitors for new PACS
Archive through June 08, 2011
2013 PACS Replacement--Costs
PACS Replacement--Enterprise VNA-2013-1015
Cerner PACS
East Mids PACS/RIS procurement
Error while transferring to PACS thru DEXA
Transitional Assistance Notice LSP
An interesting story of public procurement...
VNA specification
Archive through February 03, 2012
Archive through February 08, 2012
Archive through February 27, 2012
Archive through March 04, 2012
Testing a VNA for vendor neutrality
System Administrator Job Description
Archive through June 14, 2006
PACS Image Data Culling
OJEU Process for PACS/RIS Replacements
National Pacs and RIS frameworkeD
PACS Replacement ---Risk Analysis
PACS Replacement --2013 - draft RIS PACS Advert
VNA White Paper Has Been Released
OJEU-Pre-qualification Questionaire for PACS
PACS Data Migration
Archive through July 22, 2011
Archive through August 02, 2011
Archive through August 11, 2011
Archive through September 13, 2011
Angio PACS to Trust Systems
Discounts being offered by LSPs
DCM4CHEE or Clear Canvas
Archive through December 08, 2010
OJEU vs Framework--in 2013 PACS Replacements
PACS system for small MRI clinic
Big Bang v staged RIS and PACS replacement
Workstation Hardware Refresh from Accenture/CSC/BT
Buying a separate (non-LSP) PACS for Mammograms
PACS hardware suppliers
Cabinet Office endorses Open Standards
Attribute PACS cost to exam costs
RSNA Live Coverage by Health Imaging Hub
What do Consultant Surgeons want from a PACS?
Is PACS Migration Important Issue For You?
Mammography and LSP PACS
Archive through August 29, 2008
Archive through September 17, 2008
Archive through November 13, 2008
Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP)...
Companies that offer PACS advice
Teleradiology equipment
Evaluation form for DR
RIS data migration
Setting up PACS for a small hospital facility
Advice on setting SLAs
Reference Site Visit
Cash releasing benefits
Modality integration costs
VFM ...
Archive through April 18, 2006
Archive through April 24, 2006
JAQ form
Archive through November 23, 2005
Archive through December 21, 2005
PACS for a Radiographic skills facility (education only)...
PACS and Multislice CT
Archive through January 10, 2005
Business case for pacs
Archive through May 06, 2005
Desktop Integration
Time saving benefits resulting from PACS
PACS Benefits Realisation
PACS through LSP
Archive through March 16, 2004
How to phrase an Invitation to Tender ?
Alternative Routes and funding models
OJEC Procurement
Who is 'updating' the OBS for PACS?
Output based specification
'Hard Evidence' for PACS
PACS Integration & Standards
AI Integration - call for NHS sites for real-world integr...
Structured reports UoM issue from Philips Affiniti 70 W m...
AI Integration with Reporting Workflow (RIS and PACS)...
XDS metadata-radiology requests, reports & images
Archive through May 06, 2014
Archive through May 14, 2014
Archive through August 04, 2014
AI decision Support integrated with PACS workflow
XDS and FHIR standards--Clinical Portal, VNA, Enterprise ...
XDS and FHIR --complementary (not competing)
DICOM Conformance Statement-Survey by DICOM
VNA support of FHIR queries
NHS no (or equivalent-CHI/HC) --stored consistently in DI...
Breast tomo export as priors - BTO versus SCO/CTO on CD/n...
NHS no. as a standard DICOM tag
Double-Dollar ('$$') Character Issues?
XDS Consumers--defining requirements
Archive through March 18, 2015
Archive through June 22, 2015
Archive through January 31, 2016
National PET-CT contract
HL7 ORM and ORU messages (ORC, OBR and OBX segments)--NHS...
XDS Source--Adding other o-logy images and documents into...
What is a PIX Manager?
Integration CAD (Computer Aided Diagnosis) to existing PA...
HL7 FHIR - what's that?
Radiology Reports converted into DICOM SR and embedded wi...
Patient Banner Information on RIS/PACS--HL7 ADT messages
DICOM tags mapped to HL7 segments and fields
IEP/PACS transfers problem transfering CT cone beam images
MIRC Teaching Files for Discrepancy Meeting
Modality Assisted Acquisition Protocol Setting
GP access to Radiology Images
A Simplified Medical Document format for Radiology Reports
PACS and VNA workflow survey
Archive through June 25, 2014
Archive through July 10, 2014
Body part mapping of exam codes
Archive through May 21, 2014
Archive through May 25, 2014
PACS and VNA workflow question - PACS deletion
Questions regarding a paper by Dr.Neelam Dugar
Policy for the retention of patient images
IP Address Issues - Linking Image Intensifiers to PACS
Differences between HL7 ADT and ORM/ORU messages
Where to store local patient IDs and NHS numbers within D...
XDR Metadata for point to point transfer
Modality Vendor's Lung CAD integration into PACS
Where can I get a DICOM protocol analyzer
PACS, VNA & Enterprise Zero-foot-print viewers
Should NHS support HL7 & CDA as a standard
Archive through August 01, 2012
Naming of Data Fields in NHS
Radiation Exposure Monitoring
IHE profile information
Open Standards & The Cabinet Office
PACS Plug-ins--DICOM supp 118
XDS NHS Clinical Metadata Mapping
Modality PR
Integration of Speech with PACS
HL-7 Clinical Acknowledgement message standard
DICOM Conformance: what your vendor doesn't want you to k...
MDTM/Clinical Meeting Management System (XDS based)
DICOM Validation Tools, the need and use.
Upcoming Webcast Reminder
FREE Course: Introduction To HL7, RIS, EHR
FREE Course: Introduction To DICOM
FREE Course: Introduction To PACS
Free Book Available: PACS Fundamental
Philips CT workstations and Pacs
DICOM SR integration on Centricity
CFH smartcard integration with PACS
PACS & RIS Communications
PACS as part of EPR
Modality integration
CCOW and Context synchronization
Agfa Impax PACS and Voxar 3D
Quality assurance and Image intergity
Pacs integration
Integrated RIS/PACS
Phillips achieva MR cannot be read in eFilm
Radiology Image and Report Sharing--the international stage
AE titles
Global medical image repository
Worklist issues with Philips and GE
PACS as part of patient's Electronic Health Record
HL7 General Order Message and Staff Master File
Configuring Broker in GE Xi
Clinical info from CRIS to PACS
GE DR and AGFA PACS integration problem
2nd Reporter on PACS
Solving the riddle of related procedures
Radiology Report Sharing --options appraisal
PACS Image Sharing --Options Appraisal
Philips MRI text display on GE centricity PACS
IHE and data sharing using XDS and XDS-I
Dicom Standards
HL7 rtf Report
Modality integration and dose data
Relationship Between PACS and RIS
McKesson RIS user group
Desk-top Integration: which reporting worklist and why?
Toshiba Logic 7 Ultrasound Worklist Problem
Kodak problems with MWL
Toshiba CT MultiSlice
Has anybody connected an mobile MRI van to a Trust's PACS...
Typical workflow involving all the HIS Related components
Problem intergrating RVG xray images with PACS system
Problem intergrating RVG xray images to PACS system
Philips RF DMWL problem
Integrated PACS/RIS solution
Writing Paper on PACS and RIS
RIS systems
Dicom Worklist C-find Response.
Correct CT/MR scout to axil association
Desk-top integration of RIS and PACS
Archive through November 28, 2005
Archive through December 09, 2005
Archive through December 18, 2005
Archive through January 26, 2006
Archive through February 09, 2006
Archive through February 14, 2006
Archive through February 16, 2006
Archive through February 17, 2006
Archive through April 03, 2006
Archive through June 18, 2006
Archive through June 27, 2006
CCOW and CfH
C4H and IHE
Can Modalities Change Accession Number?
Study Instance UID, Series Instance UID...
Siemens Symphony MR worklist issue
Frequency of viewing past images on PACS
Import Reconciliation Workflow (IRWF)
IHE validation
RIS Guidance & Integration
INtegration problems with Philips Intera 1.5T MRI scanners
Dicom printer simulator
Unique Accession Numbers
DICOM Supplement 58 Enhanced CT
IHE and "acknowledge"
Archive through April 13, 2005
DICOM boxes
Interfaces to RIS (Bi-directional Notions; PAS-RIS; RIS-P...
Workflow benefits from RIS/PACS/Modality integration
Ultrasound......Query/ retrieve/ print.....ideas?
EMPI Vendors
Advantage Window and WinXp connection
RIS / PACS Policies
RIS/PACS selection proforma
RIS/EPR Integration Specification
Changing RIS system
Archive through February 12, 2004
Pacs and RIS interface
Efilm SDK integration
Updating AEs and IPs - frustratiions
Electronic Remote Requesting
Clinical Decision Support (CDS)
NICIP & electronic requesting
ERequesting of Breast Imaging
NHSX want input for improving technology for screening se...
Order Comms - GP and Internal requesting
Result Acknowledgment - Fully paperless and assurance?
Ordercomms/ decision support in demand management/reduction
Direct Bookings for Radiology via e-Referrals (was Choose...
Cancelling and Editing Electronic Requests--Workflow
Incorrect patient selected on ICE
Signing off electronic requests
Clinical Decision Support
Electronic Requesting - Future/Planned requests
Quick Poll - Electronic Req in Radiology
Archive through April 29, 2014
Agree HL7 ORM prior to procuring Ordercomms
Multiple exams in a single Request--cancel and edit
Clinical Decision Support
Paperless workflow within Imaging Department
Build from Scratch or Upload other Trusts Config
HL7 ORU Message--Results message
Ordercomms(ICE) --HL7 ORM standards
Is a report safer than a cancellation?
Order Comms (Renal Function)
Electronic delivery of urgent results NPSA16
Retiring an Electronic Request
ICE and requestors
GE PACS Monitor layout
Dealing with further views
Results Acknowledgement & context synchronization with ot...
Electronic Requesting and GPs
Electronic Requesting "Benefits Plan"
Practical Guide for Implementing Ordercomms (Radiology)...
Archive through September 09, 2010
Status Changes--Standardisation for NHS Imaging workflow
XDS Metadata for a radiology request
BMA advice: Acting upon test results in an electronic world
Content of a Radiology Report
Improving Patient Safety via Results Acknowledgement
Archive through May 19, 2009
Archive through June 02, 2009
Archive through June 18, 2009
Archive through November 25, 2009
Temorary Alerts--Critical/Unexpected reports
Functional Specification for Order Comms
Order Comms and Locums
GP electronic remote requesting
Order Communications Question Examples
Practical/Technical Guide to choosing a Results Acknowled...
"Request for review/2nd opinions" using ordercomms
Order Outcomes
Interfacing Cerner Millenium and Agfa RIS (Quadrat)
Paperless radiology results
Order Comms Exam Level Messaging
Decision Support Link to RCR Guidelines
Change and cancel requests on Ordercomms
Order comms and HSS CRIS
Ordercomms Integration with PACS and RIS
Ordercomms --part of an multivendor EPR
Order Comms Site Visit
Analogy of Ordercomms with Clinic Letters workflow
Very basic question
Archive through April 27, 2009
Archive through May 06, 2009
Order comms
Archive through June 13, 2008
Cerner Millenium and the exam code list
Order Comms Workflow
Remote electronic requesting (order comms) and electronic...
Scanning in Request cards
IRMER processes
SIG Guidelines on Electronic Remote Requesting (Ordercomm...
Archive through April 17, 2007
Request Cards
Archive through February 23, 2005
Archive through August 01, 2006
Electronic Booking
Archive through August 05, 2004
Reason for rejection
Examination Coding
Conventional & Digital Radiography (CR & DR)
Polygonal and Circular DICOM Shuttering
New X-ray Units: supported operating systems
Carestream modality masking issue: images not zoomed on PACS
Digital breast tomosynthesis (BTO) image archiving time ...
Hologic Selenia Dose Report Screengrab
GE Optima XR220 Tag Issue (Mobile DR Unit)
Scatter with high exposure radiography in CR
Identifying mammography cases as CR or DR
Carestream Plate Readers not locking cassettes
To digitise or not to digitise
AP/ PA Markers and CR
Autoroute / Autosend Carestream Masterpage
Digitisation policies
Archive through February 20, 2006
Archive through March 14, 2006
Archive through May 23, 2006
Archive through May 30, 2006
Image quality of CR on soft copy display
Archive through June 15, 2004
Sevral Kodak CR readers failing after power cuts
Mammography CR
Mammography and Screen layout in PACS
Kodak CR fro IVU's
Agfa QS CR QA and Tolerances
Calling all Kodak CR users
Occusal imaging
Kodak exposure index
Replacing film cassettes with CR plates
Hardcopy Storage
Kodak verses GE (agfa) CR
UPS for Agfa CR Equipment
Kodak CR Image viewing
Multi Company CR
Electrical Power Issue With Kodak CR 500
FFDM Image Printing
Dental DR V CR which is the optimum solution?
How does CR and DR works ??
Radiation dose: PF vs CR vs DR
High KVp / Grid Technique for CR Chests
CR/DR - effect on patient dose
Digitization of XRay Plates
CR vs. DR "A Productive Debate"
Advantages/Disadvantages of CR/DR??
Use of CR for detecting tuberculosis (plus related questi...
Digital Film Culling Policy
New Xray installation in a Community Clinic
'Mobile' DR plates
PACS Workstations & Display Devices
Home Reporting Set-up Pictures Needed!
Barco Monitor PSU Replacement
Updated RCR Guidance on Display devices
Installing PACS workstations in radiologists homes--NHS
Archive through April 28, 2014
Archive through October 11, 2016
Archive through January 16, 2020
Archive through March 23, 2020
Barco Coronis Fusion - graphics card
Home workstation build advice
MDT room design
PACS thin-client reading station
Incomplete Image Transfer
Ergonomics and workstation setup
Reviving Dome E3 Monitors
Theatre workstations
IMac 5K
Graphics Card Requirements/Question
Lumimed MM20 - Graphics Card
Mac workstations
Ensuring reliable DICOM image display & tools
PACS Monitors QA
Using Kinect to run PACS
PACS on iPad
Redundant PACS Workstations
Reporting X-rays for Normal Monitors????
Non-diagnostic DICOM viewers
Mobile devices for PACS
PACS Workstation provision in Pathology
Display monitors : Colour or monochrome ?
GE Centricity Year 5 Tech Refresh - Any PC Problems?
Problem Viewing Images in Syngo Via
Innovative reporting room design
"Teleradiology Facilities that allow accurate reporting"...
Luminance level in Mammo
Quick and simple pre reporting monitor QA
IMPAX non verified images
Who uses OpenSource workstation software
Review monitor specification
Mounting for Screens
Agfa Impax 6. for Mac
Display of reports on PACS Viewer
Impax crashing
Desktop icons disappearing
Greyscale / Colour Screen Captures
Osirix and PACS in the NHS
Archive through December 15, 2009
Dragon VR Problems
Suggestions for workstation upgrades, please
Archive through January 24, 2008
Archive through February 11, 2008
Archive through September 09, 2008
Ruler tool use on CT scans
Spec for secondary display devices
Measuring tool - how reliable?
Matrox RAD-PAOF Half Height Card
New Barco 6MP colour monitors
PACS Reporting Monitors
Time to load studies in Impax-Integrated Voxar
QA Programme for Medical Displays
Agfa PACS Upgrade from 5.2 to 6.2--teaching files
RA600 Workstation Modality Default
MasterPage Export
Automatically anonymise DICOM files ?
Medcon / McKesson PACS
Opening CD with Apple Mac Book
Dicom Tag 033,1013
The Amazing Disappearing Request Card Issue
PACS Web Time Out
Would you accept this monitor?
Archive through July 07, 2008
Importance of using LCD monitors at native resolution?
Internet Access on Workstations
Archive through August 14, 2007
Archive through August 15, 2007
Image Viewing On ITU Patient Monitors
Laptop for remote viewing of images
Archive through August 28, 2007
What are people using for wall mount enclosed units
Unable to Window MR Images Properly on Impax
Cheapest ever 3D workstation in the planet?
PACS workstation modality image acceptance testing
Ergonomics: posture monitoring
What should PACS WS image monitor screens be cleaned with ?
Grey-scale monitors outside radiology
Archive through May 12, 2005
Archive through January 05, 2008
Big screen telly?
PC/Workstations in nuclear medicine radiopharmacy
PACS and the Implications For Imaging Printers
Open Source DICOM Viewers ??
Archive through March 15, 2007
Archive through June 28, 2007
XP Upgrade Issues
PACS group guidelines for the specification of display de...
Archive through November 30, 2005
Archive through December 04, 2005
Archive through December 08, 2005
Archive through January 24, 2006
Archive through May 02, 2006
Archive through July 27, 2006
Archive through August 01, 2006
Archive through October 30, 2006
Archived Subtopics
Veiwing in Theatres
Viewing times differ in the arrvied state
DICOM Viewer for reading CDs/DVDs
Web-based/concurrent user license 3Dsoftware/Ct colonosco...
Image access for referring physicians
Archive through February 02, 2007
Modality workstation versus PACS workstation
Minimum Monitor Specifications for Digital Dental
Optimising the image display on PC
CT scanner brought down by virus?
Graphics cards
GE Web viewer
Workstations/ viewing systems - ? Medical Devices
Monitor security
Monitor QA
Archive through November 15, 2005
LCD Display Panel
PC specification for web based images
Archive through July 12, 2006
FYI: PNY Dual output video cards
Dead Pixels
Dell 2405 24" 500cd/m2 monitors
Central Reporting
No. of PCs per ward
GE Radworks - RA600
Image viewing in operating theatre.
Archive through January 28, 2003
Archive through October 26, 2004
Archive through March 29, 2005
Archive through March 12, 2006
Archive through April 28, 2006
PACS and Film
PACs workstations vs Modality workstations
Monitor resolution for breast imaging
Sound proofing
'Red-dot' QA Workstations
Siemens MAGNETOM Symphony
PACS group guidelines on QA of PACS image display
Article in Radiology says PC monitors OK for diagnosis
Archive through December 05, 2005
Efilm licensing
Are your eyes still up to the job?
Help with Monitor Refresh Rates??
Barco MGD521
2MP or 3MP Workstations
Review Workstations in Radiology
BS EN 60601
Mobile PACS carts or Patient TV Monitors in the ward?
Combining Diagnostic reporting with 3-D post-processing w...
Reporting Areas
Diagnostic monitor to consultant ratio
Archive through February 08, 2005
Archive through March 31, 2005
Monitor Resolutions for Nuclear Medicine-Only Reporting
The real world of NHS computing...
Monitors in ITU, HDU etc
Multiple Monitors
Barco monitors
Monitor QA package
Filmless MRI Reporting
Dual Portrait Display
Custom Hanging Protocols for CR and DR Procedures
Digital Mammography Workstations
Ideal monitor viewing distance.
PACS Viewing monitors
Archive through May 19, 2003
Radiology QA in a PACS environment
PACS software nonsupport of modern graphic cards
Monitors - again
Archive through February 04, 2004
DICOM viewers
Dome graphics card too slow
Thin Clients for PACS
Monitor Purchasing Check List
Log-out times
Review Monitor Specs
Diagnostic workstation vs Web based viewer
Hanging Protocols
Best dual monitor video card for PC
Web interface to commercial pacs
Web distribution
DICOM wavelet compression
Viewing CR images in A&E - what display?
PACS Concurrent User Licences
Workstation software version
PACS Reporting & Digital Dictation
Covid-19 Pandemic- RCR interim guidance to support home r...
Reporting ONLY when ALL images on in PACS
Bluetooth headset for Speech Magic
Efficient reporting workflow on a single screen?
Archive through March 18, 2019
Archive through April 14, 2019
Reporting Efficiency and RIS-PACS
CRIS Reporting Question
AI in radiology
Archive through May 31, 2018
Archive through June 12, 2018
AI in Radiology--FDA regulation change
CRIS3 - PACS driven reporting
CRIS to ICE Desktop Sync
Correcting radiology reports on RIS
IHE Results Distribution Profile - reports over HL7 V2 - ...
Radiology Report Signatures
PACS v RIS based reporting
Optimising RIS and PACS for Efficient reporting
Audio files with Video Fluoroscopy
Radiologists Reporting Efficiency
GE DDPs suddenly all lost
Does your PACS show "Reason for Cancellation"?
Peer Review
Keyboard Shortcuts for reports with Agfa and Philips VR
IMPAX v6.x
Percantage of exams reported
Random gliches in VR accuracy
Dragon VR commands to alert secretary
Duplicate History with joined examinations on CRIS
Archive through June 20, 2012
Not assigning studies to radiologist who is on leave
Freezing of reports whilst undertaking Voice Recognition:
Additional images arriving after the study has been appro...
VR Training
WHO checklist on RIS
Slow validating reports impax 6.4
Report edit or addendum
Archive through November 18, 2010
Not Inputting a 'Clinical History' on CRIS
Voice recognition
Archive through March 24, 2006
Archive through March 29, 2006
Archive through April 05, 2006
Archive through April 06, 2006
Archive through May 14, 2006
Archive through January 29, 2007
VR stats
Archive through September 02, 2009
Archive through September 09, 2009
Mutilpe Opinions on a single Radiological Examination
Creating A Paediatric Reporting List (HSS CRIS or GE Cent...
Notes to secretaries
Radiographer commenting on PACS
Problems with Philips Speechmike classic ,Impax and Quadrat
Images sent to study post report approved status
Nuclear Medicine soft copy reporting
Powerscribe problems on HP workstation
Dividing reporting amongst radiologists
Archive through April 28, 2008
Printing Reports
A New Trend? Structured Reporting
Reporting Latancy
Archive through February 07, 2008
Missing syllables/words in dictated reports
Powerscribe not loading on GE Workstation
Automated delivery of radiology reports
Verfication of Reports
Deleting/ammending/addending reports
Dictaphone Powerscribe
Urgent Report Priority
Archive through June 22, 2006
Digital dictation versus voice recognition
Archive through January 14, 2005
Medical Dictionary
Highlighting Images to be Reported on PACS
Voice Recognition 101 (Presentation)
Non-Radiology PACS
POC US workflows
ECGs into a VNA
Medical Photo's on PACS / Information Governance Issues
Mobile devices in radiology
Digital Pathology
Non-Radiology and RIS
Archive through January 19, 2009
SPECT Images
Pacs and cardiology
Archive through April 27, 2005
Archive through October 21, 2009
PACS and Radiotherapy
Ophthalmology / PACS
Orthopaedic templating with pacs
Archive through January 02, 2005
Archive through December 11, 2005
Archive through February 17, 2006
Archive through April 07, 2006
Archive through May 14, 2006
Archive through August 01, 2006
Archive through September 20, 2007
Load stats for orthoview
Nuclear Medicine Integration to PACS
Beyond PACS
ECG recordings in PACs?
LSP PACS (GE+HSS) and Cardiology (GE Cardas)...
PACS work
Dental Radiology
Can pacs be used in dentistry , how
Archive through February 05, 2007
PACS and non-radiology images - Podiatry/Retinal Images f...
OPG Measurements from GE Web Viewer
Orthopaedic image review
Timely image access in Orthopaedics
PACS and DEXA / PIXIE scanning
Neuro Sciences
PACS & Lat Cephs
Cardiology images with DICOM Converter Box
Medical Illustration
Visible Light
PACS Support, Administration & Training
DICOM HL7 Courses
Modality AE Title Convention
Radiologist Reporting - Weighting scan sfor acurate stats
Java Versions for Impax 6.4
Carestream PACS 12.0.
I would like to volunteer to work with a PACS Project man...
MRI Window Level Issues
Sorting by Study Date, DOB,...
AGFA Connectivity Manager MWL filtering
DICOM/ HL7 courses
Dicom Masking software
Send and Receive Test
XDS Course
Agfa Connectivity Manager Query
Centricity RA1000 - "Currently establishing connection" i...
GE Centricity Archive - auto route question
GE Centricity PACS IE Problems
PACS/DICOM text book recommendations?
Latest impax scripty: audit query
Correcting Prone Image on CT referenced as Supine
Modality simulator for PACS
Siemens PACS
Suggested size of a PACS team ?
Help with retrieving Nuclear Medicine images with frames ...
Where to draw the line?
Agfa Worklists
How many use PACS in the UK?
Agfa Protocol viewer
Remote Control of PACSWeb
Archive through March 21, 2011
Obsolete table
Importing Incompatible Compact Discs
IMPAX6 Keyword import automation
Introducing the book "So You Want To Be a PACS Administra...
PACS Training Software
DICOM Detective Enterprise 2.00, DICOM Anonymizer&Masker ...
DICOM tools
PACS/RIS Manager job profile
Agfa Impax 6.4 upgrade
PACS annotations out of hours
Centricity Enteprise Web 3.0 & IE 7 / 8
Pacs support Team
AFC PACS Results
Centricity RA 600 Auto-Match
Searching inside Centricity Log Files
Restricting Access for Patient Staff Members
Delineation between System Administrator and IS Service Desk
Images in the patient jacket
More & more CDs failing to import onto GE PACS...
Centricity WebPACS and Vista/IE7
Performance Figures
PACS Opportuities
Philips/Sectra PACS
Agrenda for Change
Archive through May 11, 2005
Archive through April 12, 2006
Archive through November 27, 2006
Agfa PACS CDs and MS Vista
National Codes
Centricity CAT Tools - How to stop DICOM
Consultancy Pay Rates
National Helpdesk for PACS - how effective ?
AfC PACS Trainer
Out of hours PACS support under AFC.
National Helpdesk for PACS - how effective ?
Philips Sectra-PACS Audit Trail
Dicom Viewing Software
Operational Policies
Archive through April 11, 2006
Meeting on wed 19/07/06 CSC Knowsley
Training in the LSP contract
PACS Failure Point / Continuity Plans
Training -who will you train?
IT Cover For Hospital Wide PACS
Are there anyone Real Experience with Medical tools?
Prism Nuclear Medicine Modality Worklist
Efilm help
Identifying Staffing Resources to support PACS
PACS/DICOM Education
Hi, I'm in Houston, Tx. Does anyone know of a school tha...
Extended role of the radiologist in IM&T
PACS out fo hours support
Pacs administrator
European PACS Managers Society
Network & Storage Issues
Low level lossy image compression
CT and MRI image archiving
RCR position statement for Records Retention--as per IGA ...
Life Cycle Management within a VNA--IGA 2016 Guidance
UDP streaming for high latency PACS connections
VNA Suppliers in UK
What differentiates one XDS Registry from another?
Pacs Storage(newbie question)
Impax and multiple mount points
Centricity Archive 4.0 deleting Perminent Librarys
Cardiac MRI storage sizes
The trouble with DICOM.......
Archive through May 17, 2011
Dicom Image Sizes....
"Could" storage (data centre hosted storage) vs. Local St...
Archive through February 14, 2011
Life cycle management
PACS Storage Options (on-line, off-line or cloud) and tim...
Archive through August 18, 2011
Archive through August 30, 2011
DICOM Part 10 as archival format for PACS
Pushing studies to GE RA600
PACS Vendor Neutral Archives (VNAs)
IEC 80001
CT images to GE PACS - Speed of storage issues
Impax on VM's
Advice needed re price quoted for extra storage capacity
3 x 64 slice CTs - what do we send to PACS
CT Latency to GE PACS with Siemens modalities
Wi-Fi C-Arm Connection
PCT link speeds to PACS
CT image fetch times
GE PACS performance when image volumes flush
Echo machines with wireless network cards
Dicom Image Sizes
What Images should be sent to PACS?
Wi Fi in theatres
National Network Monitoring Protocol for PACS
CAD image storage
Network tools for discovering AE titles etc
16 slice CT data sets
NHS broadband link
Archive through June 22, 2007
Installation Times
Login Times
Networked Dicom Writer solution
VTC and N3
Removable medias, Blu-ray and dicomdir
PACS networking project for college
Taking Backups on Tape Drives
Philips MX8000 CT and Agfa Impax 6.x
IHE profiles in action
Citrix and PACS
Citrix and Philips PACS
PET/CT archiving
Bandwidth and Storage
Storage Media
PACS and risk of failing to archive
Pre fetching
Wi FI?
Archive through October 19, 2004
Where can I get a DICOM protocol analyzer
Migration issues
PACS storage Appraisal
Archive through February 13, 2004
WAN bandwidth
Non radiology image storage issues
Archive through February 03, 2004
Estimating storage capacity requirements fo PACS
Legal requirements for image storage,(Wales and England)....
Cost of storage space in radiology
Groove & Wireless Technology Public Discussion Space
Ownership of hospital PACS LAN
Data Sharing & Teleradiology
Imaging review order workflows
Connection benchmarking
Accession Numbers - Very basic question
NHSX survey on data sharing and Infogov guidance
Regional Radiology Solutions--Clinical Specifications
Image and Report Sharing--IEP2
Archive through October 19, 2017
IEP Notification Messages
Home reporting
Charging for printing film
Archive through April 05, 2018
RSNA CTP software
Home Reporting--Technology & Clinical aspects
Archive through December 03, 2015
Archive through February 11, 2016
Changing Teleradiology supplier
IEP Anywhere
Vendor Neutral Index (VNI) in a Clinical Network
RCR guidance-- Network Teleradiology Platform Solutions
Archive through August 11, 2016
Archive through August 13, 2016
Radiology Networks--Junior Doctors Supervision Workflow T...
IEP price increase
Latest on CD Burners
Teleradiologist vs Remote Radiologist
CD Burners
IEP and Syngo Via
IEP and anonymised studies
Radiology cross section image stacks in Wordpress
Temporary CD burning freeware
Juniper VPN
DICOM CD/DVD Annotation
Handling DPA subject access requests
NIfTI-1 Images- DICOM quality
Seriously non-compliant CDs / DICOM files
Anyone using XDS-I?
Color consistency and management in PACS
RA600 V7 and V6 installation guide needed!
RA600 install CD burner Win 7 or even XP
Reports to GPs
Information Gathering For Teleradiology Platform
Out of hours CT head reporting
CD encryption software
Digital Breast Tomosynthesis forum at SIIM 2013
Teleradiology services from outside EU
IEP Image Transfer Issue
Teleradiology - looking for a solution for a small NHS GP...
Alternatives for Accessing images from Home
Archive through June 14, 2011
Agfa Impax 6.2 on Citrix offline authentication with v5 c...
Sharing images and reports accross a cancer network (Agfa...
Problem in CD publisher
Image arrival time on PACS (foreign films)
Read only CD image transfer
RA600 CD Encryption post tech refresh
IEP and Report Sharing
GE Centricity Web Viewer and Windows Service Pack 3
Datasharing Agreement
IEP from burnbank - who's using it...?!
Archive through January 28, 2010
Archive through March 18, 2010
Home access with migration from Impax 5.x to 6.x
CD Burner
Speed of access to PACS from Home
IEP Web Viewer
Viewing CDs on Windows 7
Image transfer forms?
IEP.... who's not usiing it?
Archive through May 13, 2006
Archive through September 02, 2008
Infrastructure for reviewing large studies from home
CD Passwords
Viewers for DICOM CDs
Archive through January 22, 2004
Safeboot encryption of CDs
Patients opt out from data sharing
IEP and the benefits
Remote access from iphones
Image sharing during the postal strike
Teleradiology VPN Client Compatibility Issues
Difficulty importing Kodak CD's to Philips PACS
CDs and Vista
Unviewable CDs
Archive through July 09, 2009
Image Sharing
Lost annotations on CD export
CT Report Outsourcing
GE Centricity RA 600 7.0 patient id retag/prefix for expo...
IE7 Mutual Web Server Access
Current Teleradiology Packages
Standards for monitor for web viewing
DICOM dataset for researching
Secure home access to pacs
Archive through November 21, 2002
Archive through December 05, 2002
Archive through November 16, 2003
Archive through February 25, 2006
NHS eSpace Information Sharing Forum
Data Recovery, Image Conversion and Storage
Interim Solution for Sharing Images and Reports in Cancer...
Importing images from a CD onto PACS via RA 600 W/S
GE CD Disclaimer
Impax 5.2 Not Burning Images From Siemens Fluoro Room
PET CT image integration into local PACS
Archive through April 09, 2008
PC requirements for CD viewing
'DICOM: Generic Storage Error'
Importing from Efilm
E-mailing of images
Archive through November 16, 2007
Auto-routing Instructions for the RA600
Image sharing via RA600s
Teleradiology and NHS smartcards
Teleradiology Survey.
PET CT integration into the NHS
Medica outsourcing
Teleradiology to Neuro referral centre with LSP PACS
Medicolegal cases on CD
Archive through December 06, 2002
Removing demographics from RA600
Teleradiology Survey.
EU based teleradiologist.
Need teleradiologists contacts
Blank CD-R Media
Teleradiology Requests And Reports
BMA Section of Radiology Meeting May 4th London
Philips iSite PACS
DICOM image sizes
ADSL broadband for teleradiology link
Archive through May 21, 2003
Archive through November 13, 2003
Virtual Healthcare services for South Asia Tsunami
Pack & Go - PACS viewing via CD
"Nighthawk" services for radiology reporting in UK
Wide area PACS issues
Archive through May 26, 2004
Archive through March 03, 2004
Transferring Images and Reports
MDT : providing images
Teleradiology - software compatible to Radworks
PACS from a national perspective?
PACS Security Issues
Emergency Security Exploit on GE Modalities Published
New XP Patch
Ransomware Outbreak at North Lincs and Goole
DICOM Servers--Security Risk
Smart-card resiliance
Archive through July 27, 2009
theatre webpacs logout
Photographing Images
Giving patient's CDs of their own examination
Archive through July 15, 2010
Archive through July 16, 2010
RA Roles For LSP Impax 6.2
Smartcards - ?affected by MRI scanner
Medical Devices and Windows O/S Anti Virus
CFH smartcards---NO password expiry prompt
RBAC and CFH smartcards
Encryption of CDs
Archive through October 09, 2008
Archive through October 22, 2008
Archive through October 24, 2008
Archive through November 06, 2008
Archive through November 18, 2008
Archive through November 19, 2008
Archive through December 02, 2008
Archive through March 19, 2009
Archive through May 26, 2009
CD encryption - free - update
Anti Virus Installations on RA600, RA1000 and Web Servers
Web Portal Security
Encryption when accessing images over NHSnet?
QA of Dicom CDs-Proposal
Patient related data sharing vs data privacy
Required RAM for PACS Workstation
Confidential patients on PACS
Encrypting data (Patient's CD's) from a RA600...
CT scanner brought down by virus?
SMART card access to PACS and limitation of radiologists ...
Archive through October 10, 2007
RA600 to RA600 connections between Trusts
Connecting imaging euipment to hosital LAN/WAN
Cluster Information Sharing Agreement for RIS/PACS = requ...
Virus protection for PC based PACS systems
Image Evidence
Soft options, Hard decisions?
PACS and Downtime
PACS logging on
PACS Equipment Support
Dial-up from Home
Finger print recognition access to PACS System
PACS Department Design
PACS Team Structure
Using a Business Continuity PACS
MDT/Teaching Room
Visualization table room lighting
Central reporting vs Office based workstations
Innovative reporting room design
Impact of PACS on Physician Offices
Mammography MDM room design
PACS reading room furniture
Design of departments for PACS
Designing Digital Dept
Environmental Conditions in joint digital and conventiona...
Archive through November 28, 2003
Ideal pacs viewing conditions
RIS Specifications
Feedback from UK Trusts using Wellbeing CRiS
RIS Priorities--Clinical, Scheduling and Reporting
RIS Reference Tables (Look-up Tables)
Waiting Time & TurnAround Time
RELATIONSHIP: Workflow Status, BI Units, demand, activit...
KPI (Targets) for turnaround times for reports
Waiting Time Data definitions on RIS
Repeat Test Alert
Demand and Activity Data on RIS
Peer Review Feedback
Archive through February 22, 2016
Capacity Calculations--Image Acquisition and Reporting
RIS Data Items--for Local Business Intelligence and Natio...
Direct Scheduling into RIS
Voice Recognition in NHS
Vetting (Request Approval) Workflow
RIS Mapping (Entity Relationship Diagrams)
RIS Notification--to patients and referring consultants
Downloading MDTM lists by RIS(or PACS) using an ODBC que...
Automatic Synchronisation of Staff and Location Table bet...
Patient multiple visit for a single procedure
RIS Appointments workflow - preventing duplication
FAILSAFE reports--Workflow on RIS
Vetting Workflow
RIS Replacements 2016-17
Insourced Reporting-RIS to RIS HL7 ORM and ORU messaging
Unique Order number, group order number, Accession number...
Structured Reporting--Integration of Report Templates in RIS
STATUSes in Radiology--on RIS, PACS etc (HL7 communicatio...
Hospitals merged each with own RIS and PACS
Exam Priority With RIS (HL7 Communication)--2 Week Wait...
Business Intelligence Dashboards for Image Acquisition
RCR--Identity of Healthcare professionals who report repo...
Use of mobile devices for patient ID and justification - ...
Archive through April 22, 2015
RIS Double Reporting
Controlling Radiology Demand-Clinical Dialogue, Vetting &...
Demand and Capacity deficit--Business Intelligence in RIS
Waiting time calculation
What RIS stats should CQC use to measure Radiology Depts?
Business Intelligence within RIS for CT/MRI capacity plan...
Peer Review Feedback (RIS Specification)
Carestream ImageSuite and RIS integration
Data export and Agfa RIS
HSS CRIS VR(Dragon11) and Digital Dictation
SMS to Patients via RIS / PAS
RIS & Opensource
STATS + Report turnaround times
RIS database Integration
Basic Understanding of HL7 ORM, ORU and ADT
RIS Specification---Procurement or replacement
RIS Workflow status broadcast
Protocolling Workflow
Mobile Working on RIS
VR in CRIS using Dragon Dictate V9.5
Agfa RIS Questions and Answer functionality
Adoption of HL7 CDA by RIS & Ordercomms
RIS Data Migration
RIS Housekeeping
Miscellaneous PACS Q&A
Business Intelligence Definitions for NHS
RCR's Virtual Industry Workshop
Microsoft Teams-Free for the NHS
Empty Folders in PACS--Causes
Archive through June 30, 2019
AI for fracture detection
Demonstrate TCE Connectivity with RCR's MIRC Testbed
Imaging surviellance / Monitoring scans
Listening for report verification
Digital Libraries/Digital Teaching files
MDTM and Tumor Board Meetings
Identifying fast track CT stroke scans on the RIS
Federeated DICOM Modality Worklist
Open MRI
Procedure code
Quantification of neonatal adiposity
CT windows in PACS
Comminution detail
Algorithms for Life Cycle Management in VNA
Compact Disc Fees
Agfa Impax 6.4 error - "could not show patient"
Fluorescent screens wanted
Structural Report
Need for a RIS
Paperless Radiology - can you help?
National PDQ service
Agfa Inter Slice Delay
RIS/PACS down time
Testing Scripts
Transition from PACS to VNA
Film printer free Radiology department
Agencies who supply short term PACS administration cover
Data In Silos
Ophthalmology images
Archive through June 24, 2013
Archive through April 23, 2015
Rota making
Advice Needed: Career in PACS
Digitising 1930's Film
Safety Alert Impax - Images not archiving
XP Medical Imaging Devices
Zebra GC420t label printer and HSS CRIS
Querying miltiple studies on a GE RA600
DICOM image library
Use of CD instead of film for Business Continuity
Chest x- ray CAD
Intrasense/ Myrian
Image viewing
Xray film - remember that??
DICOM Image Orientation tags for NM SPECT
Primary Care referrals
Rare musical instrument- imaging expertise required
Image transfer using SFTP
Viewpoint HL7 Integration for Reports
US Neonatal Head Exam
CRIS security settings
PACS anyone use MedView by Aspyra?
Reject Analysis
Request for information concerning a teleradiology platform
Mobile imaging services and encrypted data transfer
RIS/PACS team in radiology
NHS procedure codes
Are You Using RIS and/or PACS data in your department?
Mobile Devices
CD charges
Converting video/DVD to DICOM
Sectra IDS7 DPE Series Definition Tags
Gender re-assignment
Open Source Archiving Software
Dcm4chee installation
Use of CD burner instead of laser film for Business Conti...
Request Card Document Scanners
Archive through January 16, 2007
Wireless pacs networks
Korner units
DICOM Viewer for MS W7
14001 ERROR
AutoRun problems - Error 14001 on GE issued CDROMs
RIS Report Data Mining
Autumn Meeting 2011
New RIS/PACS System
International PACS Administrator Day
PACS Tools & Tricks
IEP Out of Hours
HSS CRIS Priority Code within Results Messaging
TNM staging for Cancer
Reporting off Modality's Workstation
Instrumentarium and GE PACS
Any technical comparisons of Ultrasound Equipment available?
Histogram in Agfa Impax 6.4
US images on RA600
Vidar Digitiser
Exporting Cine for Publication/Presentations?
Image retention
Local PACS Storage and Central Data Store
PACS Migration
SFTP application
JPEG images to film
Non DICOM Archive
Radiology Registrar FCR teaching on PACS etc.
Auto Reports
Archive through November 18, 2009
How are images sent to OPD Clinicians? via worklists or s...
Siemens Webspace
Talkpoint contacts
Advice for user in Saudi Arabia
64 slice CT Data
Digital Imaging - Image Faults and Artefacts
Damaged Cassettes Anyone?
Portering Module in CRIS
Request Card Scanning
Multiple codes for one paitent (nuclear medicine)
Database utility for storing interesting cases?
Has anybody connected a Hologic DEXA scanner to PACS?
Mobile breast screening
Radiology Read Codes
HRG Codes
Accessing CRIS From Home over VPN
Disabling export facility on Centricity Web
Error message on GE PACS Web
Zebra TLP 2844 Label Printers
Trust Local Long Term Stores, BCP, XDS-I and Migration
Patients Legal Rights to hard copy images post PACS
MDTM room development
Introduction J4care DICOM Web SMooTH PatientViewer
Radiologist Supervision of IV contrast
Internet explorer has caused an error in module...
Planned date on CRIS
Verified Reports from CRIS not appearing on PACS.
PACS for Nuclear Medicine archive???
Patient names
Patient names
Quality Digitizer
Grid artefact / Aliasing
Automated Bone age software
CRIS Batch Printing
CRIS Print Content Editor - Creating New Formats
Orthopaedic templating
CRIS barcode problem for events >= E-1000000
Electronic Image Transfer
Exporting Image Changes Made in PACS
Forensic radiography
Grey scale presentation states
CRIS stats package
Teleradiology and Legal issues
Retention or destruction of radiological reports and images
PACS Images not displaying automatically
Out of sequence images
Starting a career in PACS
CRIS Passwords
Exporting fluro runs for GE PACS
Generating activity reports in CRIS
Radworks 5.1 Dongle on Dell 850 1u server
Label Printers
Export for publication
Metal prosthetics
GSI Lumonics LD2200 Digitizer Drivers
Rimage CD Burner
Text Messages for appointments
Alliance Mobile MRI
Archive through June 09, 2005
Archive through March 20, 2008
Uploading (very) old images
Speed of access/ image retrieval using the GM web portal
CR Reader maintenance
Importing foreign images from CD
Foot Pedal Activation
DICOM printing
MDM and conference room design
Video Links
PACS National Design Steering Group
Looking for UK registered or EU registered radiologists.
Continuity of evidence
Breaking into PACS
Dicom plain paper printing
Electronic vetting on CRIS
Archive through December 02, 2007
CD exports from PACS
Disappearing Mouse on the RA1000
PET-CT and PACS--electronic mentoring
None UK Date format
Implementation of RIS after PACS
CAD storage
Equipment Surplus
Centricity 3.0 to 3.0.2 upgrade
Label Printers
CRIS problem
Archive through June 29, 2007
Philips iu22 worklist
Centricity business portal
Nuclear Medicine CRIS users : I-131 therapies
Images arriving in wrong folder in PACS
Survey of Radiologists as PACS Users
Missed pathology
RBAC - smartcards
PACS Problems
Design for error logging form
Agfa Impax 6.2.1 - study date/time error on a modality
Siemens eCam and GE PACS
Disconnecting for Health
How to Connect a mobile MRI to a PACS archive
PACS in Ireland
Repetitive strain injuries
Archive through July 03, 2007
CRIS running slow
Pathology Coding
Clinical use of PACS
Teaching Library software
Opening two patients at the same time warning!
Dicom Modality Worklists
Storing both Hospital ID and NHS Number in DICOM (& on CD...
Dicom Modality Worklists
Dicom Modality Worklists
Dicom Modality Worklists
Down time for upgrades
Destroying patient CDs
Archive through January 17, 2007
Impact of Mammo on PACS
STATS - 6.04 Version CRIS
Maintenance costs
Productivity gains from PACS/RIS
Old laser film
Communication to users
Dicom Address Triple
DICOM CD burners
Policy for research studies
Policies on image sharing
Fuji PACS - Synapse - Feedback and suggections
Virtual private network
Non lead / lead backed CR casettes
Centralised work allocation.
Archive through October 17, 2006
Mobile CT and PACS-RIS Interfacing
PACS Image files
Archive through September 18, 2006
Nuclear Medicine and Accession Numbers
Functool analysis and post-processing software
ISoft to HSS migration
Medical photographs
Patient Identificiation
PACS specific training
Policy not to report certain radiographs/exams
Spiralling Interim Laser Print Costs
DICOM Header/Footer info on GE PACS
PACS/RIS Officer Job Description
Patient Consent for Electronic Storage of Images
Archive through June 07, 2006
Single sign-on
Film Library loss stats
Images for medical-legal review
Digital Mammography??
Digital video presenter for radiology meetings
Old processing equipment
Unmerge messages from ris
FFDM Image printing
Integration of Philips MRI scanners
Home Reporting / N3 connectivity
Enhanced DICOM CT and MR
Implications of using Pts digital images.
Multi Body part CT and MRI RIS codes and PACS
Merge Efilm alternative
Archive through January 28, 2005
Site visit
Saving Sound files with dicom images
Closing film files
Data Protection- Teaching folders
Dictionary of Radiology/Medical terms for MS Word?
Compression of digital images
PACS Role out
Advertising on the usegroup
Open Souce PACS
NPfIT Survery - A Radiology perspective/call for help
Handling "Wet Reads" with PACS
US sonographer's impressions in PACS
Running Conventional and PACS Systems
Market Size
NHS Radiology Statistics and UK Trends
WHO Disease Classification Codes (IDC-10)
Mixed economy working practices
Advice for a Spanish group
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