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6th November 2012
27th April 2012
7th November 2011
25th March 2011
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8th November 2010
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Archive through November 22, 2010
19th March 2010
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23rd October 2009
Meeting Announcements and Programme
6th March 2009
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10th October 2008
Meeting Programme and Agenda
3rd June 2008
7th March 2008
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10th October 2007
Meeting Notices
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17th June 2007
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30th March 2007
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21st November 2006
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19th April 2006
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15th November 2005
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20th April 2005
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29th October 2004
25th March 2004
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20th November 2003
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25th June 2003
RCR PACS & Teleradiology Group Meeting Programme
Meeting Presentations
13th November 2002
Meeting Notes
PACS at the Calderdale Royal Hospital
PACS procurement - Strategy in England
Digital Mammography - Time to Invest?
Multi-site Issues: an overview
Strategies for implementing open storage
EuroPACS 2002
Overview of PACS Procurement within South-West London
PACSnet - PACS Evaluations Update
Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise
PACS at Royal Glamorgan Hospital - an update
8th May 2002
4th October 2001
Business meeting
Effects of RIS/PACS integration on Radiographic working p...
PACS for Orthopods
Designing for PACS
News from around the sites
Royal Glamorgan
20th March 2001
Business Meeting
Making a credible business case - capital purchase
Making a credible business case - managed service
Contracting issues, capital purchase
Pitfalls for the Future
Medical Devices Agency (MDA)
Updates from around the country
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