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Evaluating PACS suppliers27-08-13  09:19 pmNeelam Dugar2
Data centre encryption router 21-08-13  07:17 amGreenough Beulah2
Emergency Dept Overcrowding - A North American Needs Your Help21-08-13  07:14 amGreenough Beulah2
PACS roll-out milestone hit in London and the South21-08-13  07:11 amGreenough Beulah10
PACS Vision for future development29-05-13  07:13 amPingping4
NHS no. as unique patient identifier24-03-09  10:42 amNeelam Dugar44
Alliance MR scans sent directly into trust24-06-08  10:36 pmNeelam Dugar47
National Standard List of Clinical Imaging Procedures 05-12-07  04:29 pmKeith Foord4
CFH Data Sharing Protocols21-11-07  05:27 pmRhidian Bramley3
? How hot can it get08-10-07  12:13 pmDavid Hicks2
Radiotherapy and PACS08-12-06  04:33 pmStephen Tozer-Loft3
Change of LSP for delivery of the NPfIT in NEEC28-09-06  03:53 pmAndrew Bell1
Agfa PACS (LSP) and Choose and Book12-09-06  09:30 amKaren Pickles7
OBS vs Contract vs Implementation20-07-06  01:40 pmDave Knight9
Suppliers in the News!26-06-06  06:10 pmAndrew Ward3
Open Letter to Computer Weekly11-04-06  01:30 pmDave Harvey1
PACS, the NPfIT and you21-03-06  03:00 pmLaurence Sutton47
Contract Announcements03-03-06  09:47 pmPeter Rowlands171
PACSnet Publications30-11-05  09:35 pmRhidian Bramley1
Why the secrecy?20-05-05  10:48 pmNeelam Dugar2
NPfIT PACS Project14-04-05  10:15 amNicola Strickland1
Financial Guide to PACS Contracts and Schemes16-03-05  10:18 amRhidian Bramley1
Clinical Leads10-02-05  01:13 pmKeith Foord1
IHE and Contracts26-11-04  10:04 pmNeelam Dugar6
New National Director for NPfIT25-11-04  01:07 pmKeith Foord1
From the English National Clinical Advisory Board for PACS07-07-04  11:09 amKeith Foord3
PACS Practical Experiences & Implementation Planning documents 07-07-04  07:55 amRhidian Bramley1
Cluster PACS facilitators02-07-04  09:11 amRhidian Bramley1
National Programme for IT (NpfIT) PACS Programme19-11-03  04:19 pmFiona Witham27
21st Century IT support for the NHS13-12-02  02:34 pmKeith Foord12
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