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 Link to this message Margaret Cosens  posted on Sunday, June 06, 2010 - 09:34 pm Edit Post Delete Post Print Post
Neelam, Nick and I would appreciate your noting and considering some forthcoming changes to the office holders of the Group.

Firstly, many are aware that Dr Nick Hollings has for the past three years requested volunteers for taking on his current position as Treasurer. Dr William Saywell has said that he is willing to take this on, and the PACS and Teleradiology SIG Committee are delighted he is willing. If there are any other volunteers for the position of Treasurer of the Group, please post to this thread within the next week. If no one else volunteers, William will work alongside Nick in the near future, and officially take over at the Group's Autumn meeting in early November.

Secondly, my own three year term as Secretary will be completed in Autumn this year. In addition to this I have just moved to a job implementing an EPR in an NHS Trust, but from outside the NHS, so I am no longer eligible to be an office holder of the Group. The Committee have asked me to stay on until Autumn and I am pleased to do so. However, I am appealing for nominations for the role of Secretary to the Group. As many know, officer bearers must work in the NHS, but the Group's Constitution has been amended to state that two of the three office bearers must be Fellows of the Royal College of Radiologists (to which this Group is affiliated), but the third may be from another area of responsibility within the Radiology/digital imaging workflow: Radiographer, PACS/RIS Manager, IT, etc. If you feel you would be interested to have an input into these exciting times ahead by standing for the Secretary role, please post up on this thread, or contact me off line. I will be very glad to hear from you.

Thirdly: Neelam and I started our roles as Secretary and Chair of the Group in Autumn 2007, so Neelam's three year term as Chair will also expire in Autumn. However we and the Committee feel it makes no sense for all three officers to step down at the same time, so Neelam has agreed to continue to Chair the Group until next Spring. She would like to hand the Chairmanship over after the Spring 2011 meeting. So once again, she is calling for expressions of interest in the position of Chair, and is happy to talk over the role with anyone who would like to contact her about it.

If you do not want to offer yourself, but know a Radiologist or non Radiologist who you believe would do well in the Secretary or Chair role, please do speak to them about offering themselves.

Nick Hollings has re-drafted the Constitution of the Group to update and clarify it. The Committee is reviewing this and it will be published in this area shortly.

We recommend in future years that at least one previous officer remains for a year following a change-over of an/other officer/s, to provide continuity. The three officers standing down within a shorter period this time only arises because Dr Nick Hollings had no earlier takers for his Treasurer role. (Thanks again to Dr William Saywell!)
 Link to this message Neelam Dugar  posted on Monday, June 07, 2010 - 10:37 am Edit Post Delete Post Print Post
Thanks Margaret.

I would like to encourage the PACs community to see this as an opportunity to provide leadership and direction to the Group- as secretary, treasurer or Chairman. I am grateful to William for his interest in the Treasurer. I do think William will be a great asset to the Group.

I am grateful to Nick for the support he is provided to the Group for more than 5 years.

Nick Hollings has redone the constitution. We will also have positions in the committee as well for both radiologists and also non- radiologists.

If you are interested please feel free to contact me/ Margaret.
 Link to this message Nadine Ruth Wiseman  posted on Monday, June 07, 2010 - 11:28 am Edit Post Delete Post Print Post
=09 =09 Hi Neelam/Margaret/All; I work as PA to the Clinical Director of Radiology in Blackpool. I subscribe to this group and follow postings as I find it enormously helpful and informative around all of the general issues and all of the substantial upcoming technology issues, as to what is going on, what is planned, what other people in the field are experiencing etc. You say you have positions for non-radiologists; I have several years NHS secretarial/PA/admin experience, and I am also on the "Bank" for Radiology ATO work, and do fill in at weekends and evenings here and there. I have worked as a Healthcare Assistant and Student Nurse here for several years also. I am passionately interested in the NHS and equally committed to customer/patient experience and service improvement. If you think you could make use of me in an administrative way I would be very pleased to volunteer.=20 =09 =09
 Link to this message Neelam Dugar  posted on Wednesday, June 30, 2010 - 04:49 pm Edit Post Delete Post Print Post
Here is the constitution.

William Saywell is taking over as Treasurer from 8th Nov 2010.

We will be holding elections for postion of Group Secretary at the 8th Nov Meeting.

"The Group has three Executive Officers: a Chairman, a Secretary and a Treasurer, all of whom must be full Group members. The Chairman leads the Group and is the key representative at meetings with other organisations. The Secretary is responsible for Group administration, including organising meetings. The Treasurer is responsible for administering the group accounts and should share the annual accounts with the other Officers and full group members. All three officers are involved in setting Group policy and direction. At least two officers must be Fellows of the Royal College of Radiologists (RCR). The third officer must be a full member of the Group.

Tenure of post is for three years. A post holder may stand for re-election for one additional term only. An officer may seek election to another position, but would not normally be eligible to take up a same role for more than 2 terms.
Elections of Officers and Committee members - will normally be made by secret ballot (anonymous written ballot papers) at one of the Group’s biannual meetings, counted by two appointed Returning Officers during or at the conclusion of the meeting. A brief statement will usually be required of each candidate. In the event of there only being one candidate for a post, a consensus on suitability will be reached by the Executive Officers and Committee. One of the Officers will normally advertise forthcoming Officer or Executive Committee member vacancies at least six months in advance of the next Group meeting. This will be done via the Group website and will allow candidates to be proposed in time for a statement to be prepared for the next meeting. Nomination will normally be through a candidate being proposed and seconded for the position although self-nomination is permitted.

There is no financial remuneration pertaining to any role in the Group. "

Any Full Member of the Group can apply (Radiologist, radiographer, IT, allied health professional without commercial interests) for this position. I think this provides a great opportunity to lead the Group.

Those interested, please could you send me/Margaret a message with a short statement. We will hold a secret ballot at the 8th Nov Meeting.

The position of Chairman will become available in Spring 2011.

We also have positions for committee members vacant at the Autumn meeting. 6 committee member positions in total (minimum of 3 must be radiologists --as we are a SIG of the RCR). Role of committee members is less onerous but key to driving the general direction of the Group & to contribute/comment on documents, guide/advise RCR or other bodies when requested for advice. This will mostly happen via e-mail/committee section of the website. Officers do need the support of the committee. RCR members within the committee will be invited to attend meetings with College.
 Link to this message Margaret Cosens  posted on Wednesday, August 04, 2010 - 09:44 pm Edit Post Delete Post Print Post
I am pleased to say that an offer to take over from me as Secretary of the Group has come from Richard Bulmer, Radiology IT Service Manager at Milton Keynes and Back Office Lead for RIS and PACS for the South Central SHA.

If you have considered offering to serve in this role yourself, please post your interest on this thread. If there are further offers we will have a secret ballot in the business section of the Autumn Meeting (co-located with EHI Live! at Birmingham NEC, 8 November 2010). A 200 to 250 word statement and a Proposer and Seconder will be required.

I am attaching Richard's statement in support of his offer, but for simplicity am also pasting it in below:

"Statement for the application for Secretary role of the PACS and TeleRadiology Group. (Richard Bulmer, July 2010.)

"I began my interest in Imaging IT around 2000 implementing a ‘mini PACS’ - single modality workstation on a screening room in 2000 which we used to store barium enemas rather than print hard copy film. My career has taken me into the private sector as an application specialist and then back into the NHS, finally to my current role as Radiology IT Services Manager. This involves day to day management of a PACS Team and support to users across the trust along with support to the SHA on a technical basis as required.

"I have been a member of the PACS Group for 5 years and over that time I have found the group to be a vital link between Clinicians, Users and Managers for knowledge sharing across not only geographical but technological boundaries as well.

"As a Radiographer by trade, I am a member of the Society of Radiographers and also feed into the SOR IM&T Group. This means that I can provide a link between the Royal College and the Society which should facilitate discussion between professional bodies and aid a collaborative approach for the futureAs we move into an uncertain and exciting era I would be happy to provide support as secretary of the group so that we can continue to facilitate discussion, provide guidance to Trusts and information on emerging technologies."
application/mswordStatement from Richard Bulmer
Statement for the application for Secretary role of the PACS and TeleRadiology Group (2).doc (27.1 k)
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