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Virtual Conference: Improving Radiology Reporting, Information Syst...05-10-20  10:23 amKerry Tarrant1
FREE PLACES Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Radiology12-02-20  10:37 amKerry Tarrant1
Improving Radiology Reporting: Digital Imaging Summit 201926-11-19  01:23 pmKerry Tarrant1
Digital Imaging Summit 2019: FREE PLACES14-11-19  09:45 amKerry Tarrant1
IHE UK Meet Up - Oct 16, London11-10-19  09:31 amRobin Breslin1
Improving Radiology Reporting conference - BOOKING NOW OPEN27-09-19  05:19 pmAlexander Peck5
FREE CONFERENCE PLACES27-06-19  02:28 pmKerry Tarrant1
Forum - 10th May 201610-05-16  07:43 amNeelam Dugar2
New RCR Informatics Committee--Call for interest05-11-15  09:46 pmNeelam Dugar1
Autumn Meeting of RCR II SIG 201529-10-15  10:42 amPeter Hales10
Autumn 2012 Group Meeting17-08-15  10:07 amSharron Dyce37
Innovation Challenge Prizes 29-09-14  12:05 pmMark Griffiths1
Imaging Informatics Meeting 201427-03-14  09:18 pmMargaret Cosens1
HIMSS Interoperability Showcase Impressions05-03-14  04:40 pmNeelam Dugar2
RCR President Elections03-12-13  07:25 amLili0752492
PACS administration /Radiology manager03-12-13  07:24 amLili0752493
Autumn 2013 Informatics meeting at EHILive?18-10-13  03:17 amMark Griffiths8
ORB - ethical and responsible supplier19-06-13  03:07 pmWilliam Saywell2
UKRC -2013 Liverpool18-05-13  09:00 pmAnant Patel2
Webinar: 10 Strategic Considerations When Specifying A VNA30-04-13  08:19 amNeelam Dugar4
VNA EVENT 15/03/13 @ THE KING'S FUND12-03-13  10:19 pmNeelam Dugar11
Interests invited for Chairman of UK Imaging Informatics Group12-01-13  09:18 amNeelam Dugar3
Image Availability in the UK/NHS10-12-12  10:38 amJamie Clifton3
UKRC IHE Demonstration20-06-12  11:02 pmEwen Silvester1
Spring 2012 Meeting15-06-12  10:28 pmJeremy Bikman59
Problems with our website04-01-12  05:42 pmNeelam Dugar3
Problems with our website15-12-11  10:33 pmNeelam Dugar1
What's in a name?12-12-11  03:42 pmNeelam Dugar18
Autumn 2011 Meeting --7th Nov EHI Live05-12-11  03:53 pmNeelam Dugar38
IHE Interoperability Showcase08-11-11  07:51 amEwen Silvester1
UKRC 2011 CALL FOR ABSTRACTS19-10-11  08:06 amAngelina Tracy2
Post Autumn Meeting Items29-09-11  01:41 amAmandachen1
Upper Limb Applied Anatomy In Byte Size Chunks27-04-11  04:41 amJiwei Wang2
Cerner Imaging Event: 10th -11th May 201120-04-11  12:02 pmCarla Thomas3
PACS based browser (No need to install the software)16-04-11  09:51 amLi Li3
E-Ophthalmology Symposium 27-11-10  10:57 amSimon Kelly1
PACS with no installing software26-11-10  02:39 amLzh45601
Health Imaging Hub11-10-10  12:44 pmMohamed Ahmed Sherif1
Message for Radiologists---RCR Members--ACCEA27-09-10  10:39 amNeelam Dugar1
FREE Course - MRI of the Knee Joint - Radiology Courses07-09-10  07:19 pmYusuf Hakim1
Please note - PACS and Teleradiology Group office holders04-08-10  09:44 pmMargaret Cosens5
Healthcare IT Standards for EHR and the Role of IHE04-07-10  08:14 amYusuf Hakim1
Image Sharing & XDS/ XDS-I: Webinar on 23 February01-02-10  11:37 amMick Brown5
UKRC 2009 (8,9 and 10th June)16-06-09  10:49 pmNeelam Dugar5
Upper Limb Applied Anatomy In Byte Size Chunks18-11-08  05:06 pmLorraine Williams1
Evidence Based Imaging29-10-08  12:06 pmLorraine Williams1
Election of New Chairman and Secretary14-10-08  11:31 amNeelam Dugar7
PACS and Teleradiology Group Autumn Meeting-Oct 10 200826-08-08  10:34 amNeelam Dugar1
ABSTRACT SUBMISSIONS UKRC 200905-08-08  09:46 amLaurence Sutton1
UKRC - Abstract submissions08-06-08  02:44 pmMargaret Cosens1
RCR Guidance on Radiology Information Systems08-04-08  10:32 pmNeelam Dugar16
Photos of PACS at work24-12-07  10:23 amParwaez Khan2
Archived Group Notices05-01-07  02:16 pmRhidian Bramley41
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