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IHE configuration management whitepaper02-09-20  07:49 pmSteven Nichols1
New IHE Radiology Profiles for Artificial Intelligence 31-03-20  06:12 pmChristopher Lindop3
US FDA clears behold.ais AI algorithm for radiology triage17-03-20  06:09 amNeelam Dugar2
AI tool shows potential to improve speed of lung cancer detection27-02-20  10:32 amNeelam Dugar9 red dot(R) CXR triage AI goes live20-08-19  08:41 pmBrandon Bertolli23
AI programme NHS England20-07-18  03:10 pmWilliam Saywell1
OoH Reporting Payments Fraud Enquiries19-10-17  08:25 amRhidian Bramley2
XDS in SWASH is live21-07-17  07:25 pmNeelam Dugar3
Well done Alex !09-10-16  11:31 pmAlexander Peck3
IEP Student Survey10-07-16  11:34 pmSimon Rickaby1
Siemens Healthcare Brand Relaunch10-05-16  09:56 amWilliam Saywell2
Announcing the Kingston PACS Managers Study Day 22-03-16  10:36 pmSimon Rickaby3
IHE Radiology Call for Profile Proposals: Brief Proposals due Aug. 1505-09-15  02:15 pmNeelam Dugar66
The PACS Managers & Administrators Study Day30-04-15  08:51 amNick Sargeant14
NHS Benchmarking Network Radiology Event 201403-09-14  05:32 pmSimon Ainsworth1
Business Continuity.21-07-14  02:32 pmGeorge Brown2
An alternative view of healthcare informatics !15-06-14  05:15 pmDave Harvey1
NHS Benchmarking Network Radiology Programme 201405-06-14  11:11 amSimon Ainsworth1
IHE XDS-I/XDS at Great Ormond Street NHS Trust05-04-14  01:25 pmNeelam Dugar10
NHS Supply Chain PACS & RIS Event 201426-03-14  11:52 amMatthew Johnson3
How to make your RA600 auditable02-01-14  10:01 amAdvantage Audit1
Forcare@RSNA2013: Come and see image sharing that works!20-11-13  08:01 amNeelam Dugar13
I.E.P image exchanges to Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital19-10-13  11:37 amAda Wong4
IHE Radiology Domain Call for Proposals07-08-13  12:45 pmDavid Clunie18
EHI Awards15-05-13  10:00 amMark Griffiths2
HC2013 - how did you find it?19-04-13  05:16 pmJohn Mccann1
Royal Liverpool adds SynApps VNA19-04-13  11:25 amGary Mark Britnell1
Lobby your College regarding NHS competition rules05-04-13  06:49 pmNeelam Dugar1
Live webinar: ECM + VNA: Build a Foundation for Healthcare Data Liq...02-04-13  12:36 pmMark O'Herlihy1
PACS Manager Opportunities19-02-13  11:04 amGenevieve Parkinson2
National Framework PACS & RIS12-02-13  08:55 amDavid Burns8
Acuo Acquistion03-01-13  11:16 amShannon M. Werb3
New ACR-AAPM-SIIM Electronic Practice, DR, Mammo Guidelines24-09-12  06:02 pmDavid Clunie1
How ro repair ultrasound machines?10-09-12  09:31 amJackdawson1
Ultrasound repair04-08-12  05:32 amJackdawson1
EHI Awards--Imaging Informatics06-06-12  05:27 pmNeelam Dugar2
Health & Social Care Bill-RCR Survey23-02-12  06:43 pmNeelam Dugar1
Guidelines on the Qualification and Classification of Stand Alone S...25-01-12  06:24 pmMartin Peacock5
XBOX Kinect16-01-12  09:46 amPeng Hui Lee2
ESR teleradiology forum11-09-11  10:27 amNeelam Dugar2
Healthcare IT Champion 05-09-11  03:48 pmNeelam Dugar7
Earn Online 27 CEs towards ARRT, PARCA, CIIP & CRA26-04-11  09:48 amZaheer Abbas2
A New Generation of PACS on Free at  07:35 amLi Li1
VDHIMS 2011 - Evolving Digital Healthcare Enterprise25-02-11  03:18 pmZaheer Abbas1
An Information Revolution - Consultation11-01-11  03:14 pmNeelam Dugar6
The DICOM Conformance Black Paper What Your Vendor Dont Want You...27-10-10  04:44 amAdam Chee8
New York Medical Imaging Informatics Symposium06-10-10  12:00 pmMick Brown1
DiagNet: An Open Platform for end-to-end Diagnostic Services30-09-10  01:21 pmSteve Khan1
Telemedicine Regulation---Academy of Medical Royal Colleges28-09-10  09:53 amNeelam Dugar1
White Paper16-09-10  10:30 pmMargaret Cosens6
Extended Sceen configuration06-06-10  02:26 pmRey Irog-Irog2
Live Webcast! PACS Monitoring, Tools & Methods Join for free13-03-10  03:17 pmZaheer Abbas1
Health Imaging Hub - BETA05-03-10  12:55 pmZaheer Abbas1
Radiology Search Portal10-02-10  09:05 amBahman Kasmai1
Voting!24-01-10  10:58 amTom Naunton Morgan2
PACS/RIS Project Manager21-01-10  04:56 pmNicola Strickland1
BIR 2010 calendar of events- available NOW! 14-01-10  02:04 pmLorraine Williams1
Principles of Digital Imaging MSc Module17-12-09  04:08 pmSimon Rickaby1
Data Migration 10-10-09  05:37 pmGary Nicolas3
Spare CR equipment??19-08-09  11:25 pmMargaret Cosens4
PACS | DICOM | HL 7 Seminars & Workshop OCT 31 - NOV 5, Bahrain06-08-09  03:01 pmZaheer Abbas1
Royal College of Radiologists --Elections10-01-09  05:45 pmNeelam Dugar1
Upper Limb Applied Anatomy Reduced fees for BIR Members & Radiog...06-01-09  02:24 pmLorraine Williams1
Upper Limb Applied Anatomy In Byte Size Chunks18-11-08  05:14 pmLorraine Williams1
Warning for Trusts who have Centricity 3.02 and Web 2.131-10-08  11:44 amRhidian Bramley2
Evidence Based Imaging, 8 Jan 200929-10-08  12:10 pmLorraine Williams1
Sophos API Centricity Urgent ALERT30-09-08  03:36 pmPete Marsh1
Speech Recognition23-09-08  06:47 pmMargaret Cosens1
Closure of the PACSnet group22-09-08  11:14 amHarry Wood3
Do you want to PACS with me?17-09-08  08:41 amTim Llewellin9
Digital mammography18-08-08  09:04 pmDr Chris Flowers3
PACS service & maintenance fees in Europe ? 12-08-08  02:10 pmTamer Belir1
Microsoft launch their own RIS, PACS and more18-02-08  08:54 amPhil Robson6
PACS Vendor versus Blogger's freedom23-12-07  02:47 amDr Peng Hui Lee1
New CEP reports in Imaging on PaSA website15-11-07  02:35 pmHelen Cole2
Data Sharing - England Rugby in France19-10-07  01:37 pmDave Knight5
PACS Profession Questionnaire30-08-07  02:45 pmJames Steel8
Choose and Book26-06-07  12:45 pmDr Graham Dodge1
Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise12-02-07  08:46 amRichard Harries2
Single Points of Failure01-08-06  10:59 amKeith Foord1
Private Hospitals, Independent Providers and PACS-RIS07-03-06  12:12 amMargaret Cosens3
PACS Assisting Workflow and A New Compression Algorithm06-03-06  06:58 pmLaurence Sutton1
FRANK BURNS TO RETIRE15-02-06  11:22 pmMargaret Cosens2
Multiple RIS within a single hospital12-08-05  05:12 pmKeith Foord7
Guardian article on PACS08-08-05  12:41 pmKeith Foord13
Philips purchase of Stentor11-07-05  12:21 pmDave Knight2
Chairman's event10-03-05  11:11 amKeith Foord1
NPfIT Affordability and Cluster Contribution19-02-05  12:03 amKevin Terrins2
PR firm to boost NPfIT15-02-05  01:11 pmKeith Foord1
RCR Officer Board and Council Elections 200506-02-05  08:37 pmKeith Foord1
PaSA sub-groups24-07-04  04:11 pmKeith Foord2
NHSIA Bulletins22-07-04  12:55 pmKeith Foord6
Mobile phone picture messaging25-02-04  12:23 pmKeith Foord1
The Virtual Night Hospital09-01-04  10:21 pmDr Philip Shorvon1
Electronic posters on line from the European Congress31-05-03  07:55 amKeith Foord1
PACSnet Protocols18-02-03  02:30 pmRhidian Bramley3
PACS - Improving quality and productivity in medical imaging03-02-03  10:39 pmRhidian Bramley1
Image Display Systems - Optimizing the Environment28-01-03  10:28 pmRhidian Bramley1
Knowhow and Professional Networks10-12-02  09:48 amNeil Finlayson1
DTI Nextwave25-11-02  08:16 pmNeil Finlayson1
Radiology Report Messages to GPs10-09-02  12:18 pmEric Wilkinson1
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