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 Link to this message Atilla Acar  posted on Monday, August 07, 2006 - 12:35 pm Edit Post Delete Post Print Post
In Dicom standards for C-Find response
"a Requested procedure can have more than one scheduled steps."
Question is how should I send multiple response for same Requested procedure. In same C-Find Response? Or in different C-Find responses. Assume I have 2 scheduled procedure steps for 1 requested procedure. In that case;
Should I send one message
C-find-rsp :Requested-A -> Scheduled-1
....................................... -> Scheduled-2
or in two different message
C-find-rsp :Requested-A -> Scheduled-1
C-find-rsp :Requested-A -> Scheduled-2

Currently I send response like in second (two different messages), and with same Accession no, Requested Procedure ID, Study Instance UID etc..
Only Some information in Scheduled Procedure Step Sequence is different such as Scheduled Procedure step ID and Scheduled Procedure step etc...

When I tested it with Siemens sympony MR it is worked, but I tested it again with same device and when technicians wants to register a patient; some of information (accession no, requested procedure description etc...) are null. Accession no null means I cannot get images back, and Procedure description null means technicians cannot know which study they are working on it.

I looked into google, PACS forums, standards, friends and my dicom books but couldn't find any solution. Is it my fault or something related with modality? Any advice, idea?

Best regards,
 Link to this message Dave Harvey  posted on Monday, August 07, 2006 - 01:39 pm Edit Post Delete Post Print Post

Your solution is correct - to be specific on the reason - DICOM Part 4, table K-6.1 says (for the procedure step sequence): "The Scheduled Procedure Step Sequence shall contain only a single Item."

If the modalities have a problem with that, then they need to be fixed, but in the meantime, you may need to consider limiting your MWL response to one per modality.


 Link to this message Atilla Acar  posted on Monday, August 07, 2006 - 02:31 pm Edit Post Delete Post Print Post
Thank you Dave,

I think it is about the staff using that modality and IT-Specialists(!) teaching them how to use that modalities.

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