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Subtopic Last Post Last Poster Posts
PACS Procurement & Business Cases
NPfIT and OJEC procurement, output based specification, financial case, benefits realisation etc.
11-07-18  06:13 pmNeelam Dugar1172
PACS Integration & Standards
Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE), DICOM, HL7 etc.
13-09-17  10:58 pmRobin Breslin1225
Electronic Remote Requesting
Remote Order Entry & Order Communications (Ordercomms)
06-10-18  10:33 pmNeelam Dugar723
Examination Coding
National radiology procedure codes, SNOMED CT, etc.
Conventional & Digital Radiography (CR & DR)
Digitisation policies, working practices, comparisons etc.
14-12-16  07:35 amBrandon Bertolli319
PACS Workstations & Display Devices
Diagnostic and review workstations, monitor specification and QA
13-03-17  12:58 pmNeelam Dugar1526
PACS Reporting & Digital Dictation
Reporting workflow, structured reporting, digital dictation, voice recognition etc.
02-08-18  02:10 pmNeelam Dugar748
Non-Radiology PACS
The other 'ologies', orthopaedics, radiotherapy, cardiology, opthalmology, dentistry, pathology, dermatology, medical illustration etc.
06-06-18  10:37 amHelen Cowan380
PACS Support, Administration & Training
PACS system support, administration and training.
15-07-16  01:28 pmPaul Srodzinsky483
Network & Storage Issues
Network structure, WiFi, bandwith, storage devices and procedures etc.
08-06-18  01:53 pmPaul Srodzinsky606
Data Sharing & Teleradiology
Remote transfer, wide area PACS issues, DICOM CDs, off site reporting etc.
09-08-18  03:27 pmRhidian Bramley1263
PACS Security Issues
NHSIA codes of connection, antivrus software, secure home access, data encryption, biometrics, digital signatures etc.
01-11-16  12:10 amAlexander Peck492
PACS Department Design
PACS department design & build and PACS working environments.
05-05-18  12:24 amRizwan Malik109
RIS Specifications
Radiology Information System discussion, specification, functionality and requirements.
07-08-18  09:57 pmNeelam Dugar377
Miscellaneous PACS Q&A
Miscellaneous PACS questions & answers not falling into the other categories.
13-09-18  02:28 pmRobin Breslin1650