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The following guidelines are published in the PACS Group Guidance Documents section:
  • Guidelines on the Specification of Diagnostic Display Devices
  • Guidelines on QA of PACS Image Display
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Home Reporting Set-up Pictures Needed!22-11-20  10:48 pmAlexander Peck1
Barco Monitor PSU Replacement22-11-20  10:39 pmAlexander Peck2
Updated RCR Guidance on Display devices20-07-20  11:33 amWayne Hartley8
Installing PACS workstations in radiologists homes--NHS15-05-20  09:17 amStephen Fenn100
Barco Coronis Fusion - graphics card15-01-19  09:57 pmChris Reynolds3
Home workstation build advice06-01-19  07:36 pmCharlie Sayer 6
MDT room design13-03-17  12:58 pmNeelam Dugar5
PACS thin-client reading station09-11-16  04:34 pmDimitri Amiras11
Incomplete Image Transfer 15-06-16  10:59 pmHerman Oosterwijk3
Ergonomics and workstation setup16-05-16  08:27 amKaren Hawkins5
Reviving Dome E3 Monitors07-09-15  10:13 pmAlexander Peck3
Theatre workstations04-08-15  11:37 amClare Hill7
IMac 5K16-02-15  04:34 pmScott Wilson2
Graphics Card Requirements/Question21-01-15  05:55 pmJohn Parker15
Lumimed MM20 - Graphics Card05-01-15  09:10 amYvette Hechter1
Mac workstations25-06-14  04:48 pmDavid Clunie8
Ensuring reliable DICOM image display & tools21-02-14  06:23 amArronlee1
PACS Monitors QA04-02-14  09:29 pmFarouk Nassim1
Using Kinect to run PACS09-12-13  02:39 pmTaimoore Rajah9
PACS on iPad15-11-13  06:18 amGoldgame4
Redundant PACS Workstations11-11-13  09:51 pmMark Radon5
Reporting X-rays for Normal Monitors???? 11-10-13  01:17 pmDavid Hadden5
Non-diagnostic DICOM viewers15-08-13  12:21 pmRichard Chia3
Mobile devices for PACS16-07-13  03:30 pmRandy Schneider6
PACS Workstation provision in Pathology13-11-12  06:29 pmRuth Gilbert1
Display monitors : Colour or monochrome ?03-05-12  06:41 pmMark Radon8
GE Centricity Year 5 Tech Refresh - Any PC Problems?22-03-12  03:27 pmPaul Srodzinsky3
Problem Viewing Images in Syngo Via16-02-12  03:25 pmDuane Kellock4
Innovative reporting room design05-02-12  12:39 pmPeng Hui Lee1
Ghosting19-01-12  11:30 amMatthew Treumann2
"Teleradiology Facilities that allow accurate reporting"20-11-11  06:08 pmRizwan Malik15
Luminance level in Mammo15-11-11  01:03 pmStuart Utting3
Quick and simple pre reporting monitor QA12-09-11  09:50 amScott Wilson7
IMPAX non verified images06-09-11  10:34 amNeelam Dugar6
Who uses OpenSource workstation software13-01-11  02:09 pmStephen Morris7
Review monitor specification05-05-10  04:27 pmBrandon Bertolli5
Mounting for Screens15-04-10  03:55 pmRick Hansford6
Agfa Impax 6. for Mac03-04-10  04:44 pmRitesh Sachania2
Display of reports on PACS Viewer18-03-10  12:38 pmNeelam Dugar6
Impax crashing18-03-10  08:25 amVictoria Welham2
Desktop icons disappearing11-03-10  04:39 pmLinda Milne1
Greyscale / Colour Screen Captures09-02-10  02:21 pmNicholas Tulley2
Osirix and PACS in the NHS22-01-10  12:47 pmRichard Dormer30
Dragon VR Problems25-11-09  06:27 amSanjay Vydianath21
Suggestions for workstation upgrades, please20-11-09  11:07 amDr Tom Bowles79
Ruler tool use on CT scans22-10-09  01:57 pmNick Weir5
Spec for secondary display devices28-09-09  03:05 pmAndrew Jennings4
DDPs21-07-09  01:39 pmAnita S McClean6
Measuring tool - how reliable?12-06-09  11:44 amSven Bollue6
Matrox RAD-PAOF Half Height Card21-05-09  05:14 pmRichard Wilks4
New Barco 6MP colour monitors19-05-09  04:37 pmMick Brown6
PACS Reporting Monitors27-04-09  04:15 pmRob Wolfe1
Time to load studies in Impax-Integrated Voxar13-03-09  02:27 pmPeng Hui Lee1
QA Programme for Medical Displays11-03-09  10:24 amNeelam Dugar9
Agfa PACS Upgrade from 5.2 to 6.2--teaching files10-03-09  09:37 amNeelam Dugar4
RA600 Workstation Modality Default24-02-09  02:09 pmByron Richards1
MasterPage Export13-02-09  10:01 amAndrew Jennings4
Automatically anonymise DICOM files ?20-01-09  11:24 amDr Tom Bowles2
Medcon / McKesson PACS19-01-09  11:12 amIvan Brown3
Opening CD with Apple Mac Book16-01-09  12:49 pmTom Bowles6
Dicom Tag 033,101315-01-09  12:48 pmPhilip Cosson5
The Amazing Disappearing Request Card Issue17-11-08  08:29 amKatherine Westwell5
PACS Web Time Out05-09-08  05:53 pmParwaez Khan18
Would you accept this monitor?15-07-08  12:07 pmDarren Smith41
Importance of using LCD monitors at native resolution?19-06-08  08:21 pmGrant Shaw3
Internet Access on Workstations10-06-08  11:22 amNeelam Dugar62
Image Viewing On ITU Patient Monitors20-05-08  12:34 pmRob Skehan4
Laptop for remote viewing of images14-05-08  02:11 pmMike Elliott35
What are people using for wall mount enclosed units16-04-08  04:52 pmChris Archer1
Unable to Window MR Images Properly on Impax15-04-08  01:49 pmPeng Hui Lee3
Cheapest ever 3D workstation in the planet?15-04-08  01:46 pmPeng Hui Lee1
PACS workstation modality image acceptance testing04-02-08  09:28 amAdam Davis1
Ergonomics: posture monitoring23-01-08  10:15 amBill Barrigan3
What should PACS WS image monitor screens be cleaned with ?14-01-08  05:10 pmKeith Baldry11
Grey-scale monitors outside radiology10-01-08  03:43 pmParwaez Khan42
Big screen telly?10-01-08  03:28 pmBen Davies8
PC/Workstations in nuclear medicine radiopharmacy27-09-07  04:42 pmStephen Mason2
PACS and the Implications For Imaging Printers14-09-07  01:20 pmDonna Hunt1
Open Source DICOM Viewers ??23-07-07  09:23 amDudley Ibbett8
Projector03-07-07  12:19 pmIvan Brown42
XP Upgrade Issues19-06-07  10:50 amNicholas James2
PACS group guidelines for the specification of display devices04-05-07  03:35 pmRhidian Bramley133
Archived Subtopics27-03-07  07:35 pmInge Van Noort680
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