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Polygonal and Circular DICOM Shuttering08-06-20  06:43 pmAlexander Peck1
New X-ray Units: supported operating systems23-03-19  10:36 amMark Thurston9
Carestream modality masking issue: images not zoomed on PACS14-12-16  07:35 amBrandon Bertolli1
Digital breast tomosynthesis (BTO) image archiving time 23-05-16  04:56 pmDavid Clunie6
Hologic Selenia Dose Report Screengrab25-08-15  10:21 amDavid Clunie4
GE Optima XR220 Tag Issue (Mobile DR Unit)23-07-15  07:29 pmBrandon Bertolli1
Scatter with high exposure radiography in CR26-11-14  03:07 pmStephen Ackers14
Identifying mammography cases as CR or DR12-09-13  12:40 pmKevin Purdy16
Carestream Plate Readers not locking cassettes16-11-10  02:39 pmJohn Parker5
To digitise or not to digitise 08-09-10  03:30 pmNeelam Dugar13
AP/ PA Markers and CR15-10-09  06:57 amShanton7
Autoroute / Autosend Carestream Masterpage07-05-09  01:03 pmGareth James3
Digitisation policies15-04-09  05:11 pmPeter Brooks75
Image quality of CR on soft copy display06-11-08  04:13 pmAnita Jefferies26
Sevral Kodak CR readers failing after power cuts10-10-08  06:45 pmJonathan Rex15
Mammography CR09-09-08  09:39 amHelen Cole9
Mammography and Screen layout in PACS05-08-08  06:43 pmKyle William Harriso3
Kodak CR fro IVU's29-07-08  09:51 amAnita Jefferies2
Agfa QS CR QA and Tolerances28-07-08  04:30 pmPaul Charnock5
Calling all Kodak CR users12-09-07  02:24 pmAnita Jefferies6
Occusal imaging04-05-07  09:18 amJonathan Teece4
Kodak exposure index19-10-06  01:08 pmSandy Muir2
Replacing film cassettes with CR plates19-09-06  10:01 amDavid Stephen Evans15
Hardcopy Storage20-07-06  04:39 pmDavid Glew6
Kodak verses GE (agfa) CR15-05-06  10:13 amJames Steel16
UPS for Agfa CR Equipment18-04-06  12:02 pmJames Steel4
Kodak CR Image viewing09-04-06  04:06 pmUna K Cruikshank4
Multi Company CR14-12-05  01:51 pmRichard Bulmer1
Electrical Power Issue With Kodak CR 500 19-10-05  12:47 pmKeith Morrissey4
FFDM Image Printing17-10-05  03:30 pmAdam Davis1
Dental DR V CR which is the optimum solution?17-05-05  11:29 amJohn Pilling2
How does CR and DR works ?? 30-03-05  08:19 amA. Mohd Alsuwaidi3
Radiation dose: PF vs CR vs DR21-03-05  10:35 amRobin Pearce8
High KVp / Grid Technique for CR Chests07-12-04  04:58 pmPatrick C Brennan8
CR/DR - effect on patient dose15-07-04  03:33 pmKeith Morrissey8
Digitization of XRay Plates03-06-04  12:04 pmRoss Clark7
CR vs. DR "A Productive Debate"11-05-04  02:09 pmPatrick C Brennan5
Advantages/Disadvantages of CR/DR??16-04-04  02:17 pmNick Collett2
Use of CR for detecting tuberculosis (plus related questions)19-12-03  06:04 pmTom Naunton Morga4
Digital Film Culling Policy06-11-03  08:35 amKaren Pickles1
New Xray installation in a Community Clinic01-09-03  03:33 pmSteve Elliott1
'Mobile' DR plates19-09-02  09:55 amDavid Lloyd2
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