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"Teleradiology is the electronic transmission of radiographic images from one geographical location to another for the purposes of interpretation and consultation." Teleradiology - A Guidance Document for Clinical Radiologists RCR 2004.

The Conecting for Health Image Sharing Policy and template data sharing protocols for teleradiology can be found on the CFH website document portal (requires a NHS net connection).
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Imaging review order workflows04-08-20  08:36 amRobin Breslin2
Connection benchmarking24-05-20  09:33 amMark T3
PACS DPIA20-05-20  08:28 amRhidian Bramley1
Accession Numbers - Very basic question 29-04-20  03:00 pmWilliam Saywell18
NHSX survey on data sharing and Infogov guidance16-08-19  11:41 pmAlexander Peck2
Regional Radiology Solutions--Clinical Specifications19-07-19  07:22 amNeelam Dugar1
Image and Report Sharing--IEP206-04-19  02:55 pmNeelam Dugar41
IEP Notification Messages07-08-18  04:01 pmSimon Hadley1
Home reporting30-04-18  05:14 pmNick Hollings2
Charging for printing film23-04-18  04:32 amJoanne Wardle25
RSNA CTP software02-08-17  10:58 pmDimitri Amiras3
Home Reporting--Technology & Clinical aspects12-06-17  10:53 pmNeelam Dugar45
Changing Teleradiology supplier16-05-17  05:58 pmBenn Garbutt1
IEP Anywhere 16-05-17  05:11 pmLucy Shorthouse5
Vendor Neutral Index (VNI) in a Clinical Network15-05-17  12:34 pmNeelam Dugar9
RCR guidance-- Network Teleradiology Platform Solutions26-03-17  10:43 pmAlexander Peck6
Radiology Networks--Junior Doctors Supervision Workflow Teleradiolo...20-06-16  10:38 pmNeelam Dugar9
CLINICAL NETWORKS based TELE-REPORTING PLATFORM08-06-16  06:59 amNeelam Dugar16
IEP price increase20-01-16  03:14 pmStephen Gatley10
Latest on CD Burners12-10-15  01:24 pmRaine Burnett7
Teleradiologist vs Remote Radiologist25-04-15  10:49 amNeelam Dugar6
CD Burners08-12-14  04:01 pmDave Harvey6
IEP and Syngo Via08-12-14  11:52 amKathleen Norris1
IEP and anonymised studies26-09-14  07:03 amNeelam Dugar14
Radiology cross section image stacks in Wordpress22-07-14  09:58 amMartin Peacock2
IEP09-05-14  02:38 pmRichard Szabranski8
Temporary CD burning freeware09-05-14  11:47 amDan Smith6
Juniper VPN22-04-14  01:06 pmGraham King5
DICOM CD/DVD Annotation06-03-14  07:18 amFdsfd Fd7
Handling DPA subject access requests05-03-14  03:04 pmAlexander Peck3
NIfTI-1 Images- DICOM quality05-11-13  10:53 pmDavid Clunie7
Seriously non-compliant CDs / DICOM files05-11-13  09:17 pmDavid Clunie6
Anyone using XDS-I?08-08-13  10:59 amShannon M. Werb13
JPEG's30-07-13  12:39 pmJames Daniels20
Color consistency and management in PACS27-07-13  01:29 pmDavid Clunie1
RA600 V7 and V6 installation guide needed!05-07-13  01:50 pmStephen Lusk1
RA600 install CD burner Win 7 or even XP05-07-13  01:46 pmStephen Lusk7
Reports to GPs05-06-13  04:00 pmRichard Craven1
Information Gathering For Teleradiology Platform07-04-13  08:55 pmAlessandro Faimali1
Out of hours CT head reporting04-04-13  07:39 pmNeelam Dugar2
CD encryption software06-03-13  01:27 pmRonald Greeff8
Digital Breast Tomosynthesis forum at SIIM 201322-01-13  03:53 pmDavid Clunie1
Teleradiology services from outside EU14-01-13  11:21 pmRoss Wright9
IEP Image Transfer Issue15-06-12  09:53 amMartin Peacock6
Fysicon27-04-12  10:07 amErik Ranschaert1
Teleradiology - looking for a solution for a small NHS GP practice21-02-12  11:06 amMartin Peacock7
Alternatives for Accessing images from Home16-02-12  06:14 pmShanara Simms23
Agfa Impax 6.2 on Citrix offline authentication with v5 cards04-01-12  11:59 amVictoria Welham1
Sharing images and reports accross a cancer network (Agfa Impax)...06-10-11  12:28 amJohn Parker3
Problem in CD publisher14-07-11  10:37 amSaqib Suleman1
Image arrival time on PACS (foreign films)24-05-11  10:52 pmNeelam Dugar18
Read only CD image transfer20-04-11  05:02 pmKeith Long18
RA600 CD Encryption post tech refresh15-04-11  05:35 pmWilliam Saywell1
IEP and Report Sharing17-03-11  11:21 amNeelam Dugar6
GE Centricity Web Viewer and Windows Service Pack 302-03-11  06:28 amVivek Krishnan7
Datasharing Agreement16-02-11  09:41 amMark Williams2
IEP from burnbank - who's using it...?!14-01-11  09:53 amVann Bavaharan52
Home access with migration from Impax 5.x to 6.x16-11-10  03:15 pmJohn Parker5
CD Burner21-10-10  12:03 pmConor Magee3
Speed of access to PACS from Home10-09-10  11:51 amPhilip Colbourne18
IEP Web Viewer20-07-10  05:19 pmPhilip Colbourne20
Viewing CDs on Windows 724-06-10  11:42 amRichard James Lewis7
Image transfer forms?26-04-10  12:06 pmMartin Elms5
IEP.... who's not usiing it?23-04-10  02:40 pmNeelam Dugar17
DICOM CD/DVD Burners05-03-10  09:40 pmEric E Neubauer45
Infrastructure for reviewing large studies from home08-02-10  02:37 pmNeelam Dugar7
CD Passwords08-02-10  11:38 amJohn Carpenter8
Viewers for DICOM CDs27-01-10  10:42 amJohn Coe29
Safeboot encryption of CDs21-01-10  04:57 pmWilliam Saywell2
Patients opt out from data sharing19-01-10  04:48 pmOpeyemi Olorunlero9
IEP and the benefits16-12-09  11:15 amNeelam Dugar10
Autorouting10-12-09  11:28 pmPaul Rowland3
CRIS20-11-09  09:31 amAndrew Bell2
Remote access from iphones18-11-09  12:14 pmRichard Rance1
Image sharing during the postal strike29-10-09  09:47 amStephen Gatley1
Teleradiology VPN Client Compatibility Issues22-10-09  10:37 amDavid Hicks1
Difficulty importing Kodak CD's to Philips PACS24-08-09  12:04 pmRuth Gilbert2
CDs and Vista13-08-09  10:03 amSimon Waddington2
"RULES" FOR AUTOMATED SHARING ON IMPAX 5.203-08-09  01:40 pmPaul Willett5
Unviewable CDs09-07-09  02:37 pmZaheer Abbas22
Image Sharing17-06-09  03:21 pmSimon Waddington13
Lost annotations on CD export10-06-09  03:41 pmNeil Lewis3
CT Report Outsourcing06-06-09  11:00 amNick Hollings5
GE Centricity RA 600 7.0 patient id retag/prefix for exporting03-06-09  06:56 pmTony Lee1
IE7 Mutual Web Server Access22-05-09  03:08 pmAndrew Perry6
Current Teleradiology Packages15-05-09  09:34 amAndreas4
Standards for monitor for web viewing11-03-09  05:57 pmDr John N H Brunt2
DICOM dataset for researching20-02-09  12:57 amNelson Da Silva Ribe1
Secure home access to pacs24-12-08  05:17 pmNick phillips23
Teleradiology20-10-08  03:37 pmRobert Harper78
NHS eSpace Information Sharing Forum13-10-08  04:09 pmWilliam Saywell6
Teleradiology17-09-08  11:38 amNeelam Dugar8
Data Recovery, Image Conversion and Storage02-09-08  10:23 amJanusz1
Interim Solution for Sharing Images and Reports in Cancer Networks29-07-08  09:55 amNeelam Dugar12
Importing images from a CD onto PACS via RA 600 W/S25-07-08  09:22 amNeelam Dugar21
SPEAKERS REQUIRED!10-06-08  11:37 amNeelam Dugar2
GE CD Disclaimer13-05-08  09:45 amPeng Hui Lee5
Impax 5.2 Not Burning Images From Siemens Fluoro Room07-05-08  02:14 pmPaul Willett5
PET CT image integration into local PACS04-05-08  05:50 pmRoger Rawlings30
PC requirements for CD viewing23-04-08  02:44 pmLynn Anslow8
'DICOM: Generic Storage Error'31-03-08  03:59 pmDr John N H Brunt13
Importing from Efilm07-02-08  03:05 pmSven Bollue2
E-mailing of images28-12-07  10:07 amEd McDonagh42
Auto-routing Instructions for the RA60017-12-07  09:37 amDavid McCreavy3
Image sharing via RA600s07-12-07  08:52 amRhidian Bramley3
Teleradiology and NHS smartcards23-11-07  09:13 amNeelam Dugar7
Teleradiology Survey.16-11-07  11:05 amEnglander19667
PET CT integration into the NHS30-10-07  12:13 pmNeelam Dugar1
Medica outsourcing24-10-07  12:36 pmNeelam Dugar7
Teleradiology to Neuro referral centre with LSP PACS14-09-07  11:01 amNeelam Dugar8
Medicolegal cases on CD19-07-07  09:29 amDr John N H Brunt25
Removing demographics from RA60020-06-07  10:28 amClaire Ridgeon2
Teleradiology Survey.20-05-07  10:31 amLaurence Sutton1
EU based teleradiologist.02-05-07  06:50 pmMick Brown2
Need teleradiologists contacts29-04-07  10:16 amDavid Tan1
Blank CD-R Media24-01-07  11:47 amRichard Smith7
Teleradiology Requests And Reports04-09-06  11:43 amPhil McAndrew3
PACS/RIS ASP24-04-06  03:32 pmAlastair Scarborough1
BMA Section of Radiology Meeting May 4th London20-04-06  09:07 pmTom Naunton Morgan6
Philips iSite PACS 19-04-06  04:22 pmJames Steel1
Outsourcing28-02-06  05:13 pmTom Naunton Morgan1
DICOM image sizes30-01-06  11:34 pmRhidian Bramley2
ADSL broadband for teleradiology link07-12-05  05:57 pmPeter Rowlands49
Virtual Healthcare services for South Asia Tsunami12-01-05  12:11 amDr Aristophanes Chri3
Pack & Go - PACS viewing via CD23-09-04  10:13 amMichael Sparks5
"Nighthawk" services for radiology reporting in UK01-06-04  07:52 amDave Harvey7
Wide area PACS issues28-05-04  09:13 amRobin Breslin20
Teleradiology22-03-04  01:17 amDave Harvey29
Transferring Images and Reports19-03-04  01:53 pmsean royle7
MDT : providing images07-07-03  04:21 pmKevin A Mulcahy5
Teleradiology - software compatible to Radworks28-03-03  02:35 pmTrevor Powis3
PACS from a national perspective?07-02-03  03:12 pmRichard Harries11
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