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AI Integration - call for NHS sites for real-world integration pilot?18-11-20  12:40 pmDr Zhong Li1
Structured reports UoM issue from Philips Affiniti 70 W machine05-11-20  08:28 amMark Thurston9
TOMOSYNTHESIS VIEWER17-09-20  07:08 amMarios Pieri1
AI Integration with Reporting Workflow (RIS and PACS)14-04-20  10:48 amDavid Clunie13
XDS metadata-radiology requests, reports & images10-05-19  04:45 pmDavid Clunie82
AI decision Support integrated with PACS workflow01-03-19  08:24 pmNeelam Dugar5
XDS and FHIR standards--Clinical Portal, VNA, Enterprise Imaging etc13-09-17  10:58 pmRobin Breslin6
XDS and FHIR --complementary (not competing)02-08-17  09:42 pmNeelam Dugar2
DICOM Conformance Statement-Survey by DICOM11-07-17  10:43 amGraham King2
PET-CT and PACS02-07-17  08:52 amNeelam Dugar1
VNA support of FHIR queries14-06-17  11:52 amGraham King19
NHS no (or equivalent-CHI/HC) --stored consistently in DICOM Databa...02-03-17  04:18 pmNeelam Dugar1
IHE XDS & IOCM27-02-17  10:22 pmKinson Ho8
Breast tomo export as priors - BTO versus SCO/CTO on CD/network26-12-16  08:49 pmAlexander Peck2
NHS no. as a standard DICOM tag04-12-16  09:56 pmAlexander Peck18
Double-Dollar ('$$') Character Issues?20-10-16  08:47 amGraham King3
MPPS 27-04-16  08:52 pmSiju Sukumaran3
XDS Consumers--defining requirements28-03-16  08:14 amNeelam Dugar71
National PET-CT contract10-01-16  07:46 amNeelam Dugar1
HL7 ORM and ORU messages (ORC, OBR and OBX segments)--NHS Radiology...18-11-15  09:04 amClare Jones11
XDS Source--Adding other o-logy images and documents into XDS VNA04-11-15  02:40 pmNeelam Dugar2
What is a PIX Manager?20-06-15  10:49 pmNeelam Dugar1
Integration CAD (Computer Aided Diagnosis) to existing PACS workflo...12-03-15  09:37 pmNeelam Dugar1
HL7 FHIR - what's that?10-03-15  10:13 pmNeelam Dugar3
Radiology Reports converted into DICOM SR and embedded with study i...06-03-15  03:18 pmNeelam Dugar24
Patient Banner Information on RIS/PACS--HL7 ADT messages22-02-15  09:41 pmNeelam Dugar6
DICOM tags mapped to HL7 segments and fields01-02-15  04:58 pmNeelam Dugar4
IEP/PACS transfers problem transfering CT cone beam images 29-01-15  09:01 amEmmanuel Adebiyi2
MIRC Teaching Files for Discrepancy Meeting21-09-14  07:10 pmNeelam Dugar1
Modality Assisted Acquisition Protocol Setting13-08-14  11:55 amDavid Clunie1
GP access to Radiology Images04-08-14  08:48 pmDaniel Fascia9
A Simplified Medical Document format for Radiology Reports04-08-14  08:45 pmDaniel Fascia3
PACS and VNA workflow survey18-07-14  02:54 pmNeelam Dugar59
Body part mapping of exam codes20-06-14  10:13 amBen Panter51
PACS and VNA workflow question - PACS deletion10-06-14  01:07 amHuw Thomas5
Questions regarding a paper by Dr.Neelam Dugar21-01-14  01:45 pmDaniel Fascia5
Policy for the retention of patient images14-11-13  09:50 pmNeelam Dugar2
IP Address Issues - Linking Image Intensifiers to PACS18-10-13  07:02 amMarco Crispini16
Differences between HL7 ADT and ORM/ORU messages08-06-13  08:32 amNeelam Dugar1
Where to store local patient IDs and NHS numbers within DICOM?19-04-13  06:01 amNeelam Dugar12
XDR Metadata for point to point transfer03-04-13  09:01 amNeelam Dugar9
Modality Vendor's Lung CAD integration into PACS13-02-13  05:18 pmNeelam Dugar2
Where can I get a DICOM protocol analyzer03-01-13  12:26 pmTaimoore Rajah6
PACS, VNA & Enterprise Zero-foot-print viewers15-11-12  11:32 amNeelam Dugar22
Should NHS support HL7 & CDA as a standard05-09-12  11:43 amMartin Peacock26
Naming of Data Fields in NHS07-07-12  06:55 amNeelam Dugar4
Radiation Exposure Monitoring06-06-12  05:35 pmNeelam Dugar6
IHE profile information22-05-12  03:12 pmNeelam Dugar2
Open Standards & The Cabinet Office12-02-12  10:00 amMartin Peacock1
PACS Plug-ins--DICOM supp 11820-12-11  07:50 pmNeelam Dugar9
XDS NHS Clinical Metadata Mapping14-11-11  10:40 pmNeelam Dugar4
Modality PR19-10-11  08:06 amAngelina Tracy3
Integration of Speech with PACS21-06-11  11:06 amNeelam Dugar13
HL-7 Clinical Acknowledgement message standard29-03-11  12:10 amMargaret Cosens7
DICOM Conformance: what your vendor doesn't want you to know24-10-10  10:20 amAdam Chee2
MDTM/Clinical Meeting Management System (XDS based)13-10-10  02:59 pmNeelam Dugar2
DICOM Validation Tools, the need and use.30-09-10  02:21 pmMohamed Ahmed Sherif1
Upcoming Webcast Reminder14-07-10  11:18 amYusuf Hakim1
FREE Course: Introduction To HL7, RIS, EHR14-06-10  12:19 pmYusuf Hakim1
FREE Course: Introduction To DICOM13-06-10  09:51 amYusuf Hakim1
FREE Course: Introduction To PACS 10-06-10  12:18 pmYusuf Hakim1
Free Book Available: PACS Fundamental09-06-10  09:29 amYusuf Hakim1
Philips CT workstations and Pacs20-05-10  12:58 pmAdham Nicola4
DICOM vs XDS25-02-10  09:18 amNeelam Dugar15
DICOM SR integration on Centricity18-10-09  08:39 amDiego Gicovate, PhD3
CFH smartcard integration with PACS12-10-09  04:19 pmNeelam Dugar1
PACS & RIS Communications07-10-09  05:05 pmNeelam Dugar5
PACS as part of EPR24-09-09  11:25 amNeelam Dugar5
Modality integration29-08-09  10:21 amShanton6
CCOW and Context synchronization27-08-09  05:27 pmNeelam Dugar4
Agfa Impax PACS and Voxar 3D29-07-09  01:52 pmNeelam Dugar1
Quality assurance and Image intergity31-05-09  09:07 amPaul Dixon1
Pacs integration27-04-09  08:16 amPeng Hui Lee3
Integrated RIS/PACS16-04-09  12:06 pmJames Steel6
Phillips achieva MR cannot be read in eFilm25-03-09  07:58 amJawad Fahran3
Radiology Image and Report Sharing--the international stage18-03-09  09:05 pmNeelam Dugar19
AE titles18-03-09  01:44 pmJohn Parker1
MPPS and MWL25-02-09  03:13 pmNagaraj17
Global medical image repository20-01-09  01:28 pmMatthew Condron7
Worklist issues with Philips and GE31-12-08  09:16 amTony Mottram10
PACS as part of patient's Electronic Health Record02-12-08  12:07 pmNeelam Dugar13
HL7 General Order Message and Staff Master File 25-11-08  07:46 amAtilla Acar7
Configuring Broker in GE Xi18-09-08  12:33 pmNeelam Dugar10
Clinical info from CRIS to PACS29-05-08  09:50 pmMargaret Cosens10
GE DR and AGFA PACS integration problem28-05-08  10:40 amMarie Gibson4
2nd Reporter on PACS29-04-08  03:13 pmJames Steel4
Solving the riddle of related procedures18-03-08  03:16 pmJoel Lidstrom1
Radiology Report Sharing --options appraisal16-03-08  01:23 pmNeelam Dugar15
PACS Image Sharing --Options Appraisal13-03-08  01:36 pmNeelam Dugar1
Philips MRI text display on GE centricity PACS27-02-08  08:39 amPaul Srodzinsky3
IHE and data sharing using XDS and XDS-I26-02-08  03:40 pmNeelam Dugar6
Dicom Standards08-01-08  03:50 pmAtilla Acar4
HL7 rtf Report05-01-08  05:57 pmAtilla Acar3
Modality integration and dose data07-11-07  09:41 pmSharron Dyce7
Relationship Between PACS and RIS24-10-07  11:59 amNeelam Dugar5
McKesson RIS user group11-09-07  08:36 amNeelam Dugar4
Desk-top Integration: which reporting worklist and why?13-08-07  01:21 pmNeelam Dugar2
Toshiba Logic 7 Ultrasound Worklist Problem05-08-07  04:41 pmAtilla Acar3
Kodak problems with MWL27-06-07  10:47 amAnn Crowe2
Toshiba CT MultiSlice19-06-07  09:01 amAtilla Acar1
Has anybody connected an mobile MRI van to a Trust's PACS? 08-06-07  01:39 pmChris Daldorph2
Typical workflow involving all the HIS Related components05-06-07  08:12 amDave Harvey2
Problem intergrating RVG xray images with PACS system06-02-07  06:56 pmDave Harvey3
Problem intergrating RVG xray images to PACS system06-02-07  04:00 amsunny1
Philips RF DMWL problem22-11-06  11:13 amDave Harvey8
Integrated PACS/RIS solution30-10-06  11:57 amTanya Garber9
Writing Paper on PACS and RIS23-10-06  08:27 amMuhammad Sibtain1
RIS systems13-10-06  11:52 amLeith Vaughan17
Dicom Worklist C-find Response.07-08-06  02:31 pmAtilla Acar3
Correct CT/MR scout to axil association26-07-06  09:34 amJonathan Teece5
Desk-top integration of RIS and PACS24-07-06  11:39 pmNeelam Dugar180
CCOW and CfH12-07-06  11:56 amNeelam Dugar5
C4H and IHE18-06-06  09:39 pmNeelam Dugar6
Can Modalities Change Accession Number?03-05-06  07:45 amAtilla Acar4
Study Instance UID, Series Instance UID...02-05-06  02:36 pmDave Harvey9
Siemens Symphony MR worklist issue26-04-06  09:51 amJames Steel4
Frequency of viewing past images on PACS16-03-06  06:15 pmDr Anna Bayes1
Import Reconciliation Workflow (IRWF)27-02-06  08:50 amRhidian Bramley1
DICOM and PET/CT22-02-06  12:17 pmEdward Somer2
IHE validation12-02-06  04:20 pmDave Harvey1
RIS Guidance & Integration07-02-06  11:30 amNeelam Dugar9
INtegration problems with Philips Intera 1.5T MRI scanners18-11-05  12:24 pmDr Peng Hui Lee9
Dicom printer simulator10-11-05  09:55 amNick Gibson4
Unique Accession Numbers12-08-05  09:31 pmDamien Evans19
DICOM Supplement 58 Enhanced CT06-07-05  04:08 pmAdam Davis3
RIS and SMS17-05-05  09:24 amIan Sexton7
IHE and "acknowledge" 15-04-05  10:11 amJohn Parker24
DICOM boxes14-03-05  11:14 amBrendan Tuohy16
Interfaces to RIS (Bi-directional Notions; PAS-RIS; RIS-PACS etc)...23-02-05  07:51 pmTom Henderson5
Workflow benefits from RIS/PACS/Modality integration02-02-05  09:21 amSimon Waddington4
Ultrasound......Query/ retrieve/ print.....ideas?24-01-05  07:29 pmTianyi Lin3
PACS/DICOM server11-01-05  09:56 amRichard Wellings3
PACS, PET & IHE12-12-04  03:47 pmNeelam Dugar2
IHE and RIS07-12-04  02:21 pmNeelam Dugar1
EMPI Vendors09-11-04  10:37 amGaurav Gogoi1
DICOM UIDs13-10-04  02:08 pmThomas Heary1
Advantage Window and WinXp connection07-06-04  10:20 amMichael Sparks7
RIS / PACS Policies19-05-04  08:17 pmTom Henderson6
RIS/PACS selection proforma11-05-04  05:46 amRex Randall Osborn5
RIS/EPR Integration Specification03-05-04  08:43 pmRex Randall Osborn11
Changing RIS system22-04-04  01:26 amRex Randall Osborn31
Pacs and RIS interface17-03-03  09:04 amHarry van den Broek6
Efilm SDK integration08-12-02  04:13 pmAndrew Downie4
Updating AEs and IPs - frustratiions05-12-02  07:55 amMichael Sparks5
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