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PACS Managed Services and VAT17-09-20  09:34 amDavid Burns3
Data Migration and Image retention 15-07-20  05:21 pmKieron Leyden6
Demo & trial of an AI assisted COVID-19 lung CT detection service i...18-03-20  08:19 pmDr Zhong Li1
Reporting monitors - scoring matrix28-02-20  09:23 amMark Gardner1
AI Platforms, PACS and RIS--standards for integrations27-09-19  11:38 amKovey Kovalan6
Evolution of PACS28-04-19  04:34 pmRizwan Malik2
PACS Tender & Contract Specification11-07-18  06:13 pmNeelam Dugar1
PACS with AI will replace PACS without AI03-02-18  10:10 amRizwan Malik7
Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning/Machine Learning embedded in ...16-10-17  10:34 pmRizwan Malik17
Computer Aided Detection-CAD and VNA/XDS consumer in PACS 202029-07-17  07:08 amNeelam Dugar8
DICOM WG-17 3D Manufacturing: File Formats SURVEY28-04-17  12:26 pmDavid Clunie1
Chest X-ray--largest exam type linked to UK radiology litigation30-01-17  07:55 pmNeelam Dugar1
Enterprise Imaging/Document Strategy-PACS 202021-01-17  09:52 amNeelam Dugar2
Smart Comparison with prior09-01-17  04:22 pmAlexander Peck2
Enterprise XDS VNA vs Regional DICOM VNA10-11-16  07:37 pmDavid Clunie7
Enterprise VNA components for a Paperless NHS Trust08-11-16  10:14 pmNeelam Dugar1
Machine Learning and PACS in 202028-10-16  10:37 amNeelam Dugar1
PACS Replacements in 2016-1711-03-16  05:15 pmNeelam Dugar7
Hello folks20-08-15  09:58 amAndrew O'shaughnessy1
PACS/RIS Acquisition Need Advice and Feedback01-07-15  11:43 amNeelam Dugar4
From PACS to VNA25-05-15  05:53 pmNeelam Dugar58
NHS Five Year Forward Review & VNA16-05-15  06:50 pmNeelam Dugar1
PACS Replacement --201309-05-15  09:34 amNeelam Dugar120
PACS Store and Forget21-01-15  03:45 pmRobin Breslin4
HL7 ORM Agreement with PACS vendor25-11-14  06:32 pmNeelam Dugar1
EHI 2014...16-09-14  04:44 pmTim Taylor3
Image retrieval 06-09-14  06:31 amNeelam Dugar57
UKRC--PACS and RIS Procurement and Replacement session11-07-14  06:48 amNeelam Dugar1
Image Compression08-07-14  11:18 amKomal Yadav32
Qinec & Intelerad12-05-14  09:30 pmLes De-Lara3
2013 Replacements--happening25-09-13  06:21 pmNeelam Dugar16
PACS & VNA Scoring Matrix02-08-13  05:44 pmShaun Smale8
Do you have the latest PACS version, and if not, why not?03-07-13  08:14 pmDavid Clunie7
Some points to ponder (PACS and RIS replacement)26-05-13  08:55 amNeelam Dugar3
Colour Monitors for new PACS04-04-13  07:59 pmJames Heesom35
2013 PACS Replacement--Costs04-04-13  03:40 pmJames Heesom4
PACS Replacement--Enterprise VNA-2013-101504-04-13  03:39 pmJames Heesom10
Cerner PACS04-04-13  03:39 pmJames Heesom2
East Mids PACS/RIS procurement04-04-13  03:38 pmJames Heesom1
Error while transferring to PACS thru DEXA28-12-12  09:55 amEd De Padua2
Transitional Assistance Notice LSP20-09-12  09:08 pmNeelam Dugar8
An interesting story of public procurement...10-08-12  06:37 amMartin Peacock1
VNA specification05-08-12  07:42 pmNeelam Dugar91
Testing a VNA for vendor neutrality29-04-12  10:34 pmChris Bull22
System Administrator Job Description13-01-12  01:09 pmBlue Sky35
PACS Image Data Culling23-11-11  10:01 pmNeelam Dugar6
OJEU Process for PACS/RIS Replacements18-11-11  07:56 amNeelam Dugar8
National Pacs and RIS frameworkeD19-10-11  06:28 pmNeelam Dugar5
PACS Replacement ---Risk Analysis19-10-11  08:06 amAngelina Tracy1
PACS Replacement --2013 - draft RIS PACS Advert16-10-11  09:05 pmNeelam Dugar19
VNA White Paper Has Been Released12-10-11  09:25 pmNeelam Dugar19
OJEU-Pre-qualification Questionaire for PACS07-10-11  05:41 pmNeelam Dugar19
PACS Data Migration27-09-11  12:03 pmNeelam Dugar92
Angio PACS to Trust Systems16-08-11  09:53 amNeelam Dugar4
Discounts being offered by LSPs13-07-11  10:46 pmNeelam Dugar1
DCM4CHEE or Clear Canvas22-06-11  11:26 amMartin Peacock27
OJEU vs Framework--in 2013 PACS Replacements20-06-11  01:01 pmRichard Mann6
PACS system for small MRI clinic20-06-11  07:04 amChelsea Lee9
Big Bang v staged RIS and PACS replacement08-06-11  12:31 pmMartin Peacock14
Workstation Hardware Refresh from Accenture/CSC/BT03-05-11  08:30 amNeelam Dugar11
Buying a separate (non-LSP) PACS for Mammograms30-04-11  12:26 pmNeelam Dugar18
PACS hardware suppliers26-04-11  09:59 amDavid Klingle4
Cabinet Office endorses Open Standards08-02-11  11:49 amNeelam Dugar4
Attribute PACS cost to exam costs26-11-10  11:35 amJohn Parker2
RSNA Live Coverage by Health Imaging Hub23-11-10  09:52 pmZaheer Abbas1
What do Consultant Surgeons want from a PACS?29-06-10  10:23 pmNeelam Dugar11
Is PACS Migration Important Issue For You?16-06-10  10:48 amYusuf Hakim1
Mammography and LSP PACS02-02-10  03:04 amNeelam Dugar71
Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP)16-01-10  03:41 pmNeelam Dugar2
Companies that offer PACS advice22-12-09  08:27 amNiranjan Wachasunder6
Teleradiology equipment26-11-09  01:04 pmMonica Ruiz Diaz1
Evaluation form for DR26-11-09  12:58 pmNicholas Tulley2
RIS data migration12-10-09  09:25 amAudrey Price3
Setting up PACS for a small hospital facility10-09-09  01:51 pmGregg Burgess3
Advice on setting SLAs06-08-09  02:23 pmNeelam Dugar5
Reference Site Visit10-11-07  03:49 amAchudhan Mani5
Cash releasing benefits15-08-06  12:34 pmJohn Pilling2
Modality integration costs30-05-06  08:48 pmMargaret Cosens7
VFM ...08-05-06  12:39 pmNicola Strickland42
JAQ form05-01-06  09:20 amJames Steel38
PACS for a Radiographic skills facility (education only)18-11-05  07:01 pmPaul Markham2
Mammography24-06-05  03:54 pmAnne Hubbard4
PACS and Multislice CT17-05-05  12:32 amJune Bea28
Business case for pacs08-05-05  07:11 pmMargaret Cosens20
Desktop Integration15-04-05  09:20 amJohn Pilling8
Time saving benefits resulting from PACS17-12-04  04:12 pmPhil Beale1
PACS Benefits Realisation08-12-04  11:02 amLaurence Sutton2
PACS through LSP24-08-04  02:48 pmMatthew Trewhella24
How to phrase an Invitation to Tender ?13-07-04  10:25 pmNeelam Dugar6
Alternative Routes and funding models08-07-04  05:28 pmNick Hollings6
RFP06-05-04  08:08 pmRex Randall Osborn5
OJEC Procurement25-02-04  05:38 pmRhidian Bramley2
Who is 'updating' the OBS for PACS?21-02-04  10:34 amKeith Foord2
IHE and NPfIT25-09-03  07:19 pmDan Grimes1
Output based specification21-07-03  04:50 pmJohn Pilling4
'Hard Evidence' for PACS27-04-03  02:55 pmSean Michael Brennan3
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