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DICOM HL7 Courses09-07-20  04:55 pmHeidi Killoran6
Modality AE Title Convention11-05-20  11:01 pmEbaad Ahmed6
Radiologist Reporting - Weighting scan sfor acurate stats15-07-16  01:28 pmPaul Srodzinsky2
Java Versions for Impax 6.420-04-16  10:43 amShanton1
Carestream PACS 12.0. 06-04-16  01:08 pmParwaez Khan1
I would like to volunteer to work with a PACS Project manager assis...10-12-15  04:37 pmEmmanuel Adebiyi1
MRI Window Level Issues21-08-15  05:40 pmMuhammad Taufiq Bin 4
Sorting by Study Date, DOB,...28-07-15  11:42 amNeelam Dugar3
AGFA Connectivity Manager MWL filtering15-07-15  01:37 amMichael Mcdonnell4
DICOM/ HL7 courses 22-05-15  07:46 amRene Spronk3
Dicom Masking software08-05-15  02:40 amGavin Byrne7
Send and Receive Test12-03-15  11:33 amMarcelo Ribeiro3
XDS Course25-11-14  06:12 pmNeelam Dugar5
Agfa Connectivity Manager Query05-11-14  11:46 pmShanton3
Downtime12-07-14  06:16 pmNeelam Dugar7
Centricity RA1000 - "Currently establishing connection" issue23-04-14  05:36 amTim Oconnell1
GE Centricity Archive - auto route question10-01-14  05:44 pmStephen Lusk1
GE Centricity PACS IE Problems15-11-13  06:21 amGoldgame9
PACS/DICOM text book recommendations?01-12-12  01:56 pmHerman Oosterwijk3
Latest impax scripty: audit query30-10-12  10:51 pmRich8
Correcting Prone Image on CT referenced as Supine29-05-12  11:56 amSally Anne Lack5
Modality simulator for PACS22-02-12  01:43 pmLinda Megne14
Siemens PACS19-10-11  08:04 amAngelina Tracy2
Suggested size of a PACS team ?10-08-11  11:12 amKeith Long16
Help with retrieving Nuclear Medicine images with frames from IMPAX 26-05-11  11:09 amIsabelle Chrysanthou1
Where to draw the line?25-05-11  03:49 pmNigel Sawyer5
Agfa Worklists27-04-11  05:46 amGreg Brien2
How many use PACS in the UK?26-04-11  09:24 amDavid Klingle3
Agfa Protocol viewer15-04-11  10:19 amDuncan Fitzpatrick2
Remote Control of PACSWeb22-03-11  10:15 amNeelam Dugar32
Obsolete table15-01-11  07:43 pmRich3
Importing Incompatible Compact Discs09-11-10  04:16 pmStephen Gallagher7
IMPAX6 Keyword import automation02-11-10  08:00 pmRich15
Introducing the book "So You Want To Be a PACS Administrator"24-10-10  10:23 amAdam Chee1
PACS Training Software13-10-10  05:36 pmBrandon Bertolli11
Hello07-10-10  03:44 pmDoug Haskins1
DICOM Detective Enterprise 2.00, DICOM Anonymizer&Masker and PACS H...14-09-10  03:12 pmTianyi Lin1
DICOM tools04-08-10  06:21 pmEd McDonagh2
PACS/RIS Manager job profile03-08-10  02:04 pmDaniel Edwin3
Agfa Impax 6.4 upgrade01-07-10  02:47 amStuart Barnard3
PACS annotations out of hours10-05-10  11:49 amRuth Gilbert7
Centricity Enteprise Web 3.0 & IE 7 / 819-04-10  12:43 pmAndreas3
EKSF09-03-10  04:45 pmJames Steel1
Pacs support Team21-12-09  03:37 pmRoy Burnett3
DDP'S03-11-09  09:44 amRichard Perriss3
AFC PACS Results26-06-09  10:31 amAnn Mckeen3
Centricity RA 600 Auto-Match08-05-09  04:42 pmJohn Shakeshaft1
Searching inside Centricity Log Files17-04-09  03:12 pmStephen Mason4
Restricting Access for Patient Staff Members24-02-09  02:36 pmPaul Ganney12
Delineation between System Administrator and IS Service Desk20-01-09  12:35 amDavid Gunn1
Images in the patient jacket09-01-09  04:07 pmMartin Elms5
More & more CDs failing to import onto GE PACS...03-11-08  08:27 amVictoria Welham2
Centricity WebPACS and Vista/IE713-10-08  03:27 pmSimon Waddington2
Performance Figures10-07-08  04:18 pmRoy Burnett2
PACS RIMAGE CD BURNER30-05-08  12:37 pmParwaez Khan5
PACS Opportuities17-05-08  01:49 amJinesh1
Philips/Sectra PACS13-05-08  12:17 pmDaniel Edwin2
Agrenda for Change11-04-08  02:49 pmJames Steel58
Agfa PACS CDs and MS Vista07-03-08  05:47 pmMohammed Nadeem Butt6
National Codes22-01-08  01:19 pmNeil Thomson6
Centricity CAT Tools - How to stop DICOM 02-12-07  01:40 pmDiego Gicovate, PhD1
Consultancy Pay Rates20-08-07  11:37 pmMargaret Cosens8
National Helpdesk for PACS - how effective ?02-05-07  04:39 pmNeelam Dugar7
AfC PACS Trainer 30-04-07  09:58 amJames Steel15
Out of hours PACS support under AFC.27-04-07  10:31 amAndrew Goodhall1
National Helpdesk for PACS - how effective ?26-04-07  04:28 pmSimon Waddington2
Philips Sectra-PACS Audit Trail23-11-06  02:06 pmPeter Norris1
Dicom Viewing Software 18-10-06  05:08 pmIan Inglis2
Operational Policies02-10-06  12:13 pmCraig Bakalich25
Meeting on wed 19/07/06 CSC Knowsley17-07-06  07:28 pmLowri Morus2
DICOM PACS Training13-05-06  08:46 amMuhammad Sibtain1
Training in the LSP contract24-03-06  11:15 amRussell Palmer7
PACS Failure Point / Continuity Plans22-03-06  02:44 pmL Miller1
Training -who will you train?06-03-06  03:42 pmJonathan Teece13
IT Cover For Hospital Wide PACS15-02-06  04:45 pmJohn Greenwood13
Are there anyone Real Experience with Medical tools?08-02-06  07:49 amAtilla Acar1
Prism Nuclear Medicine Modality Worklist04-01-06  10:22 amPatricia Byrne1
Efilm help18-07-05  12:11 amAndrew Downie6
Identifying Staffing Resources to support PACS17-03-05  01:58 pmDavid Stephen Evans13
PACS/DICOM Education17-01-05  09:48 amRobert Harper10
Hi, I'm in Houston, Tx. Does anyone know of a school that is03-05-04  08:19 pmRex Randall Osborn2
Extended role of the radiologist in IM&T15-04-04  01:36 pmJohn Pilling2
PACS out fo hours support28-11-03  11:40 amClaire McCormick3
Pacs administrator05-08-03  09:46 pmMichael Whitmire17
European PACS Managers Society22-05-03  12:34 pmRichard Szabranski7
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