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Business Intelligence Definitions for NHS01-11-20  07:39 amNeelam Dugar1
RCR's Virtual Industry Workshop27-08-20  11:22 amRichard Perriss2
Microsoft Teams-Free for the NHS30-03-20  02:11 pmRichard Perriss6
NICIP vs SNOMED CT codes17-08-19  07:47 amNeelam Dugar1
Empty Folders in PACS--Causes04-07-19  10:08 amNeelam Dugar34
AI for fracture detection29-06-19  08:00 amNeelam Dugar1
Demonstrate TCE Connectivity with RCR's MIRC Testbed28-06-19  10:40 amNeelam Dugar1
Imaging surviellance / Monitoring scans14-06-19  03:32 pmRizwan Malik4
Listening for report verification 15-11-18  10:28 pmAlexander Peck7
Digital Libraries/Digital Teaching files13-09-18  02:28 pmRobin Breslin14
PoC US26-07-18  10:25 pmVincent O'Connor3
MDTM and Tumor Board Meetings05-07-18  06:02 pmAhmed Nassar4
Identifying fast track CT stroke scans on the RIS29-06-18  09:15 amRichard James Lewis4
Federeated DICOM Modality Worklist 25-06-18  09:59 amRichard James Lewis3
Open MRI18-04-18  10:26 pmAlexander Peck2
Procedure code13-02-18  06:24 pmSiju Sukumaran1
Quantification of neonatal adiposity25-06-17  11:41 pmGemma Mcleod7
CT windows in PACS13-04-17  07:20 amAlexander Peck3
Comminution detail20-02-17  09:32 pmAllan Noordvyk4
Algorithms for Life Cycle Management in VNA19-02-17  07:56 pmNeelam Dugar15
Compact Disc Fees10-02-17  01:11 amAlexander Peck7
Agfa Impax 6.4 error - "could not show patient"02-11-16  01:23 pmPaul Jackson8
Fluorescent screens wanted05-08-16  07:20 pmBrandon Bertolli1
Structural Report27-04-16  03:30 pmDavid Clunie9
Need for a RIS15-03-16  02:13 pmGeorge Brown12
Paperless Radiology - can you help?27-01-16  09:40 pmSarah Blagg3
National PDQ service15-12-15  11:08 pmNeelam Dugar2
Agfa Inter Slice Delay24-11-15  09:07 amBrian Obrien4
RIS/PACS down time 10-11-15  01:40 pmAlexander Peck2
Testing Scripts08-10-15  05:47 pmNeelam Dugar6
Transition from PACS to VNA08-10-15  01:34 pmDavid Clunie22
Film printer free Radiology department25-08-15  05:06 pmGary Wright20
Agencies who supply short term PACS administration cover04-08-15  08:10 pmLucy Shorthouse1
Data In Silos28-05-15  05:44 pmNeelam Dugar9
Ophthalmology images27-05-15  06:59 pmShaun Smale46
Rota making13-05-15  05:36 pmAndrew Downie1
Advice Needed: Career in PACS23-04-15  12:41 pmJames Steel4
Digitising 1930's Film04-02-15  04:01 pmDr John N H Brunt2
Safety Alert Impax - Images not archiving12-01-15  08:17 pmJudi Dobbs3
XP Medical Imaging Devices15-12-14  10:23 pmMark Fearenside7
Zebra GC420t label printer and HSS CRIS08-12-14  04:29 pmDan Smith5
Querying miltiple studies on a GE RA60019-08-14  11:13 amMark Gardner1
DICOM image library09-05-14  03:29 amArronlee2
Use of CD instead of film for Business Continuity08-05-14  08:26 amKaren Hawkins12
Chest x- ray CAD22-04-14  10:41 amNeelam Dugar1
Intrasense/ Myrian11-04-14  12:30 pmPadhraic Conneally1
Image viewing11-04-14  09:27 amJames Daniels5
Xray film - remember that??02-04-14  12:34 amRichard Chia1
DICOM Image Orientation tags for NM SPECT11-03-14  03:35 amSusanna Moore1
Primary Care referrals23-01-14  03:10 pmPaul Srodzinsky1
Rare musical instrument- imaging expertise required28-11-13  08:29 amDavid Grainger14
Image transfer using SFTP06-09-13  04:36 pmPhil Williams2
Viewpoint HL7 Integration for Reports05-09-13  09:30 pmNeelam Dugar5
US Neonatal Head Exam 22-07-13  07:39 amRichard Craven2
CRIS security settings28-05-13  12:38 pmStephen Fenn4
PACS anyone use MedView by Aspyra?23-05-13  05:58 pmRichard Craven3
Reject Analysis24-04-13  09:16 amPaul Connolly18
Request for information concerning a teleradiology platform04-04-13  07:08 pmAlessandro Faimali1
Mobile imaging services and encrypted data transfer26-03-13  07:01 amBrandon Bertolli4
RIS/PACS team in radiology30-01-13  11:30 amNoufal Manikkatharam1
NHS procedure codes28-01-13  10:00 amNoufal Manikkatharam1
Are You Using RIS and/or PACS data in your department?12-01-13  08:29 amNassib Khanafer3
Mobile Devices10-10-12  05:05 pmDavid Hadden4
CD charges07-10-12  03:56 pmNeelam Dugar14
Converting video/DVD to DICOM22-05-12  03:01 pmNeelam Dugar6
Sectra IDS7 DPE Series Definition Tags11-05-12  11:08 amBrandon Bertolli1
Gender re-assignment24-02-12  01:56 pmPaul Ganney5
Open Source Archiving Software23-02-12  03:29 pmNeelam Dugar17
Dcm4chee installation22-02-12  04:29 pmJulien Labruyere1
Use of CD burner instead of laser film for Business Continuity11-11-11  06:01 pmMartin Peacock2
Request Card Document Scanners09-11-11  11:30 pmAnthony Dooher24
Wireless pacs networks15-09-11  09:11 pmNeelam Dugar3
Korner units07-09-11  05:00 pmDavid Hill1
DICOM Viewer for MS W716-08-11  05:23 pmPhil Williams1
14001 ERROR12-07-11  06:58 amSudhanshu Shekhar4
AutoRun problems - Error 14001 on GE issued CDROMs11-07-11  05:37 pmSudhanshu Shekhar4
RIS Report Data Mining17-06-11  12:09 pmMartin Peacock5
Autumn Meeting 201119-05-11  08:44 amRichard Bulmer1
New RIS/PACS System04-05-11  11:42 amVincent Meesseman2
International PACS Administrator Day20-02-11  02:59 pmDr. Adam Chee1
PACS Tools & Tricks10-02-11  02:13 pmZaheer Abbas1
IEP Out of Hours17-01-11  03:17 pmAndrew Perry9
HSS CRIS Priority Code within Results Messaging25-11-10  06:09 pmKaren Pickles3
TNM staging for Cancer08-10-10  12:19 amPeng Hui Lee7
Reporting off Modality's Workstation03-09-10  09:43 amNeelam Dugar4
Instrumentarium and GE PACS14-06-10  03:21 pmMartin Elms7
Any technical comparisons of Ultrasound Equipment available?10-06-10  10:27 amHarry van den Broek1
Histogram in Agfa Impax 6.406-06-10  02:59 pmZiyad Abubacker1
US images on RA60017-05-10  09:20 amMartin Goudge2
Vidar Digitiser12-04-10  01:09 pmRichard Bulmer5
Exporting Cine for Publication/Presentations?09-03-10  10:03 amIvor Dixon16
Image retention05-03-10  12:04 pmPaul Srodzinsky1
Digitizer25-02-10  05:58 pmMed Sales3
Local PACS Storage and Central Data Store12-02-10  03:38 pmNeelam Dugar19
PACS Migration10-02-10  11:13 amAudrey Price10
SFTP application02-02-10  11:18 amKatherine Westwell4
JPEG images to film25-01-10  10:28 amMartin Peacock5
Non DICOM Archive22-01-10  11:26 pmSteven Hendrie1
Radiology Registrar FCR teaching on PACS etc.18-01-10  06:57 pmNicola Strickland2
Auto Reports14-01-10  05:21 pmChris Boivin25
How are images sent to OPD Clinicians? via worklists or searches30-11-09  07:00 pmNeelam Dugar3
Siemens Webspace06-11-09  04:37 pmChoong Leng Poon2
Talkpoint contacts05-11-09  04:37 pmRichard Szabranski2
DDP's28-10-09  11:46 amAnita S McClean1
Advice for user in Saudi Arabia20-10-09  04:04 pmChris Bull4
64 slice CT Data19-10-09  06:59 amShanton3
Digital Imaging - Image Faults and Artefacts19-10-09  06:55 amShanton2
Damaged Cassettes Anyone?16-10-09  11:07 amGreg Brien15
PACS INTERPHASING WITH TOMCAT12-10-09  03:47 pmNeelam Dugar2
Portering Module in CRIS22-09-09  08:27 amNeelam Dugar7
Request Card Scanning21-09-09  08:25 amNeelam Dugar18
Multiple codes for one paitent (nuclear medicine)07-08-09  05:58 pmMichael Avison1
Database utility for storing interesting cases?16-07-09  08:22 pmRichard Bulmer10
Has anybody connected a Hologic DEXA scanner to PACS?10-07-09  03:38 pmKaren Hawkins14
Mobile breast screening26-06-09  10:01 pmJan Cottee9
Radiology Read Codes05-06-09  03:19 pmRuth Gilbert4
HRG Codes28-05-09  11:51 amAndrew Gill7
Accessing CRIS From Home over VPN21-04-09  09:43 amNeelam Dugar6
Disabling export facility on Centricity Web20-04-09  10:48 pmAndreas2
Error message on GE PACS Web20-03-09  11:38 amPaul Srodzinsky2
Zebra TLP 2844 Label Printers19-03-09  03:23 pmJohn Dillon9
Trust Local Long Term Stores, BCP, XDS-I and Migration13-03-09  07:39 pmChris Bull15
Patients Legal Rights to hard copy images post PACS12-03-09  01:03 pmPaul Ganney16
MDTM room development09-03-09  09:26 amNeelam Dugar5
Introduction J4care DICOM Web SMooTH PatientViewer27-01-09  01:41 pmThomas Dvorak1
Radiologist Supervision of IV contrast22-01-09  02:54 pmPaul Rooney11
Internet explorer has caused an error in module...08-01-09  01:08 pmJonathan Rex3
Planned date on CRIS31-12-08  10:44 amStephen Baily7
Verified Reports from CRIS not appearing on PACS.14-12-08  05:13 pmNeelam Dugar11
PACS for Nuclear Medicine archive???01-12-08  10:47 amJohn Wilson10
Patient names25-11-08  08:26 amVictoria Welham4
Patient names24-11-08  12:25 pmPhil Colls2
Quality Digitizer18-11-08  04:01 pmAlan Blake5
Grid artefact / Aliasing 18-11-08  03:08 pmJ Glyn Davies2
Automated Bone age software08-11-08  12:28 pmPeng Hui Lee1
CRIS Batch Printing03-11-08  11:30 amGary Dickson2
CRIS Print Content Editor - Creating New Formats23-10-08  06:11 pmHelen Richards6
Orthopaedic templating 15-10-08  07:56 amGreg Brien21
CRIS barcode problem for events >= E-100000007-10-08  01:43 pmSheila Doyle2
Electronic Image Transfer07-10-08  11:03 amRichard Mann4
Exporting Image Changes Made in PACS 29-09-08  02:41 pmNeil Lewis1
Forensic radiography23-09-08  08:20 pmPhilip Allen7
Grey scale presentation states16-09-08  04:52 pmAndrew Bell6
CRIS stats package04-09-08  01:49 pmKatherine Westwell7
Teleradiology and Legal issues27-08-08  12:06 pmNeelam Dugar1
Retention or destruction of radiological reports and images26-08-08  09:47 amAnn M Huntly4
PACS Images not displaying automatically07-08-08  11:01 amSteven Evans7
Out of sequence images31-07-08  06:00 pmJudi Humphreys3
Starting a career in PACS30-07-08  01:51 pmRichard Rance6
CRIS Passwords22-07-08  10:09 amIan Judd5
Exporting fluro runs for GE PACS21-07-08  12:55 pmMartin Elms3
Generating activity reports in CRIS18-07-08  11:56 amCherry Heath18
Radworks 5.1 Dongle on Dell 850 1u server17-07-08  09:56 pmDavid Mask7
Label Printers11-07-08  11:43 amSimon Seal5
Export for publication23-06-08  09:52 amStephen Cottrell8
Metal prosthetics05-06-08  10:48 pmJonathan Rex3
GSI Lumonics LD2200 Digitizer Drivers30-05-08  10:02 pmWill B1
Rimage CD Burner27-05-08  11:55 amVernon Pratt12
Text Messages for appointments11-04-08  09:48 amPeng Hui Lee6
Alliance Mobile MRI08-04-08  09:29 pmNeelam Dugar42
Uploading (very) old images08-04-08  01:51 pmJohn Parker3
Speed of access/ image retrieval using the GM web portal10-03-08  12:57 pmRhidian Bramley3
CR Reader maintenance04-03-08  05:27 pmAnn M Huntly3
Importing foreign images from CD27-02-08  06:16 pmGad Levy21
Foot Pedal Activation12-02-08  04:10 pmHelen Richards3
DICOM printing12-02-08  11:46 amRobert Miles1
MDM and conference room design31-01-08  05:00 pmNick Hollings2
Video Links31-01-08  02:29 pmChristopher Alan Che1
PACS National Design Steering Group25-01-08  07:57 pmRhidian Bramley5
Looking for UK registered or EU registered radiologists.31-12-07  04:07 pmJohncranshaw1
Continuity of evidence14-12-07  02:10 pmPhilip Cosson1
Breaking into PACS12-12-07  09:48 amVictoria Welham4
Dicom plain paper printing10-12-07  04:04 pmChristopher Alan Che5
Electronic vetting on CRIS06-12-07  09:27 amSimon Waddington26
CD exports from PACS05-12-07  09:10 amRosemary Shuttlewort7
Disappearing Mouse on the RA100030-11-07  11:56 amStephen Mason5
PET-CT and PACS--electronic mentoring30-11-07  10:15 amNeelam Dugar3
None UK Date format21-11-07  04:41 pmAndrew Bell8
Implementation of RIS after PACS21-11-07  02:15 pmDavid McCreavy4
CAD storage16-11-07  11:33 amAdam Davis1
Equipment Surplus06-11-07  09:19 pmSharron Dyce3
Centricity 3.0 to 3.0.2 upgrade01-11-07  09:13 amGareth James4
Label Printers24-10-07  08:33 amGordon King8
CRIS problem19-10-07  02:00 pmKatherine Westwell35
Philips iu22 worklist16-10-07  09:06 amPrashant Verma1
Centricity business portal14-10-07  12:13 amchristamcb@hotmail.c1
Nuclear Medicine CRIS users : I-131 therapies01-10-07  10:18 amNeil Thomson7
Images arriving in wrong folder in PACS13-09-07  10:14 pmSharron Dyce18
Survey of Radiologists as PACS Users13-09-07  05:17 pmGary Foley2
Missed pathology10-09-07  10:00 amNeelam Dugar13
RBAC - smartcards05-09-07  09:19 amJohn Parker2
Prefetching 05-09-07  08:07 amNitin Arora1
PACS Problems29-08-07  12:25 pmJohn Parker17
Design for error logging form29-08-07  09:01 amRichard Szabranski10
Agfa Impax 6.2.1 - study date/time error on a modality21-08-07  12:20 pmStephen Mason4
Siemens eCam and GE PACS17-08-07  03:45 pmJohn Wilson2
Disconnecting for Health16-08-07  03:09 pmSteve L4
How to Connect a mobile MRI to a PACS archive13-08-07  01:11 pmNeelam Dugar10
PACS in Ireland19-07-07  04:27 pmJim Clancy12
Repetitive strain injuries19-07-07  08:37 amDavid Grainger22
CRIS running slow12-07-07  05:56 pmAndrew Downie11
Pathology Coding28-06-07  12:57 pmMick Brown5
Clinical use of PACS18-06-07  01:06 pmRuth Gilbert2
Teaching Library software06-06-07  01:32 pmIvan Brown6
Opening two patients at the same time warning!24-05-07  12:27 pmKevin Flintham3
Dicom Modality Worklists17-05-07  11:34 amSharyn Guthrie7
Storing both Hospital ID and NHS Number in DICOM (& on CDs)...17-05-07  05:38 amGovinda Raju7
RED DOT16-05-07  04:46 pmJ Glyn Davies13
Dicom Modality Worklists16-05-07  02:35 pmVipin Patel2
Dicom Modality Worklists16-05-07  04:23 amSharyn June Guthrie1
Dicom Modality Worklists16-05-07  04:21 amSharyn June Guthrie1
Down time for upgrades24-04-07  03:56 pmDiane Rooney5
Destroying patient CDs05-04-07  08:00 pmRichard Bulmer22
Impact of Mammo on PACS03-04-07  01:45 pmLaurence Sutton2
STATS - 6.04 Version CRIS02-04-07  11:59 amAlex Macrae3
RIS EXAM WEIGHTING23-02-07  01:56 pmPaul Srodzinsky2
Maintenance costs20-02-07  07:54 pmBrian Turner1
Productivity gains from PACS/RIS20-02-07  04:25 pmDavid Stephen Evans5
Old laser film09-02-07  09:34 amJames Steel4
Communication to users31-01-07  12:45 pmNeelam Dugar8
Dicom Address Triple30-01-07  09:37 amDave Harvey6
DICOM CD burners26-01-07  12:12 pmDr John N H Brunt3
Policy for research studies25-01-07  02:01 pmAndrea Procter1
Policies on image sharing24-01-07  09:33 pmRhidian Bramley2
MDT18-01-07  09:43 pmSharron Dyce11
Fuji PACS - Synapse - Feedback and suggections05-01-07  06:40 pmCynthia E. Keen2
Virtual private network20-12-06  04:59 pmPhil McAndrew2
Non lead / lead backed CR casettes19-12-06  10:06 amMichelle Hill4
Centralised work allocation.16-12-06  10:18 pmNeelam Dugar21
Mobile CT and PACS-RIS Interfacing27-10-06  07:59 pmPadhraic Conneally3
PACS Image files24-10-06  09:59 amIvan Brown29
Nuclear Medicine and Accession Numbers04-10-06  09:06 amNeelam Dugar3
Functool analysis and post-processing software 02-10-06  12:14 pmCraig Bakalich2
ISoft to HSS migration29-09-06  02:43 pmAlex Macrae8
Medical photographs13-09-06  04:42 pmRoddy Mccoll8
Careers08-09-06  03:19 pmJames Steel15
Patient Identificiation01-09-06  05:08 pmPeter Thomas Brooks7
PACS specific training16-08-06  09:58 amJames Steel2
Policy not to report certain radiographs/exams15-08-06  01:44 pmJames Wafula3
Spiralling Interim Laser Print Costs12-07-06  03:31 pmJohn Carpenter2
DICOM Header/Footer info on GE PACS30-06-06  12:09 pmDave Harvey2
PACS/RIS Officer Job Description13-06-06  03:49 pmAnita Cooper1
Patient Consent for Electronic Storage of Images12-06-06  10:11 pmNeelam Dugar26
Single sign-on30-03-06  10:51 amNeelam Dugar1
Film Library loss stats21-02-06  01:52 pmRichard Bulmer1
Images for medical-legal review30-01-06  03:52 pmDr Graham Hoadley13
Digital Mammography??25-01-06  05:43 pmPaul Markham2
Digital video presenter for radiology meetings22-12-05  10:34 amJohn Hulme15
Old processing equipment28-11-05  09:07 amRay Timmins2
Unmerge messages from ris27-10-05  10:23 amMaureen Chevis1
FFDM Image printing17-10-05  05:41 pmDr Chris Flowers3
Integration of Philips MRI scanners07-08-05  04:24 pmDr Peng Hui Lee8
Home Reporting / N3 connectivity18-07-05  09:23 amPhil McAndrew8
Enhanced DICOM CT and MR06-07-05  11:10 amAdam Davis1
Implications of using Pts digital images.04-07-05  01:13 pmStephen Cottrell3
Multi Body part CT and MRI RIS codes and PACS16-06-05  10:51 amNeelam Dugar11
Merge Efilm alternative08-06-05  09:51 amDr. Muhammad Kashif 24
Site visit09-05-05  03:13 pmPeter Wiklo5
Saving Sound files with dicom images11-10-04  03:39 pmColm Saidlear1
Closing film files13-09-04  05:41 pmFiona Witham8
Data Protection- Teaching folders21-07-04  09:58 amRobin Breslin7
Dictionary of Radiology/Medical terms for MS Word?19-07-04  09:08 amMartin O'Murphy1
Compression of digital images17-07-04  09:01 pmDave Harvey5
PACS Role out19-05-04  08:23 pmTom Henderson4
Advertising on the usegroup13-05-04  07:03 pmRhidian Bramley2
Open Souce PACS13-04-04  10:45 amLester Cram4
NPfIT Survery - A Radiology perspective/call for help16-03-04  08:35 pmSimon Rasalingham3
Handling "Wet Reads" with PACS20-02-04  03:17 pmMichael Sparks2
US sonographer's impressions in PACS28-01-04  10:21 pmKeith Foord5
Running Conventional and PACS Systems14-01-04  04:36 pmAndrew Underhill5
Market Size21-07-03  10:19 pmPatrick McGlynn1
NHS Radiology Statistics and UK Trends04-03-03  10:58 amNeil Finlayson1
WHO Disease Classification Codes (IDC-10)21-12-02  10:08 amRhidian Bramley2
Mixed economy working practices20-12-02  05:35 pmRhidian Bramley2
Advice for a Spanish group09-07-02  10:27 amKeith Foord1
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