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Covid-19 Pandemic- RCR interim guidance to support home reporting 27-03-20  05:46 pmNeelam Dugar1
Reporting ONLY when ALL images on in PACS08-10-19  02:35 pmRichard Szabranski6
Bluetooth headset for Speech Magic04-09-19  02:32 pmPaul Srodzinsky4
Efficient reporting workflow on a single screen?04-05-19  09:40 amNeelam Dugar49
Reporting Efficiency and RIS-PACS14-04-19  01:04 pmRizwan Malik2
CRIS Reporting Question09-07-18  02:24 pmPaul Srodzinsky4
AI in radiology28-06-18  03:44 pmRizwan Malik50
AI in Radiology--FDA regulation change28-06-18  09:13 amSimon Rasalingham1
CRIS3 - PACS driven reporting20-06-18  06:02 pmStephen Fenn2
CRIS to ICE Desktop Sync02-03-18  08:40 amPaul Srodzinsky7
Correcting radiology reports on RIS01-03-18  04:19 pmAlexander Peck14
IHE Results Distribution Profile - reports over HL7 V2 - public com...21-07-17  02:33 pmNeelam Dugar3
Radiology Report Signatures18-04-17  10:26 pmNeelam Dugar3
PACS v RIS based reporting20-07-16  03:06 pmNeelam Dugar18
Optimising RIS and PACS for Efficient reporting04-01-16  05:21 amNeelam Dugar1
Audio files with Video Fluoroscopy28-10-15  09:34 pmNeelam Dugar23
Radiologists Reporting Efficiency22-06-15  04:07 pmNeelam Dugar4
GE DDPs suddenly all lost26-09-14  04:34 pmRick Ross2
Does your PACS show "Reason for Cancellation"?20-09-14  05:37 pmNeelam Dugar1
Peer Review11-12-13  10:04 amNeelam Dugar16
Keyboard Shortcuts for reports with Agfa and Philips VR07-10-13  03:33 amMark Plummer1
IMPAX v6.x14-02-13  04:58 amShane Norman4
Teleradiology?11-02-13  06:39 pmNeelam Dugar3
Percantage of exams reported02-02-13  11:13 amStephen Fenn5
Random gliches in VR accuracy02-02-13  11:10 amStephen Fenn13
Dragon VR commands to alert secretary19-12-12  01:16 pmDavid Hill7
Duplicate History with joined examinations on CRIS16-10-12  05:59 pmTom Newton6
Regional OUT-OF-HOURS CT REPORTING27-09-12  03:45 pmNeelam Dugar37
Not assigning studies to radiologist who is on leave10-05-12  10:05 pmPeng Hui Lee1
Freezing of reports whilst undertaking Voice Recognition:03-04-12  10:27 amJudi Dobbs14
Additional images arriving after the study has been approved.16-03-11  03:34 pmNeelam Dugar19
VR Training03-03-11  01:43 pmSimon Waddington2
WHO checklist on RIS18-02-11  12:28 pmNeelam Dugar2
Slow validating reports impax 6.424-11-10  05:43 pmNeelam Dugar6
Report edit or addendum19-11-10  03:08 pmNeelam Dugar28
AGFA RIS 5.6 UPGRADE16-03-10  08:04 pmShanton1
VOICE TO TXT ON IMPAX STATION30-01-10  09:36 pmShanton1
Not Inputting a 'Clinical History' on CRIS14-12-09  07:50 pmAndrew Downie15
Voice recognition16-10-09  02:39 pmNeelam Dugar106
VR stats12-10-09  08:29 amEric Loveday45
Mutilpe Opinions on a single Radiological Examination11-11-08  03:07 pmNeelam Dugar5
Creating A Paediatric Reporting List (HSS CRIS or GE Centricity)...18-09-08  10:39 amVictoria Welham8
Notes to secretaries09-09-08  10:36 pmMargaret Cosens13
Radiographer commenting on PACS03-09-08  09:52 amRichard Rance4
Problems with Philips Speechmike classic ,Impax and Quadrat08-07-08  05:37 pmRoss Clark9
Images sent to study post report approved status26-06-08  09:17 amAndrew Bell11
Nuclear Medicine soft copy reporting22-05-08  12:30 pmAndy Bradley10
Powerscribe problems on HP workstation20-05-08  11:13 amMartin Elms6
Dividing reporting amongst radiologists29-04-08  09:55 amNeelam Dugar35
Printing Reports25-02-08  11:06 amGordon King17
A New Trend? Structured Reporting 21-02-08  04:46 pmEnrique Delgado3
Reporting Latancy17-02-08  07:19 pmNeelam Dugar34
Missing syllables/words in dictated reports13-02-08  10:30 amAnant Patel18
Powerscribe not loading on GE Workstation22-01-08  05:36 pmTerence Lippert3
Automated delivery of radiology reports04-01-08  12:11 pmDr Peng Hui Lee4
Verfication of Reports19-12-07  11:17 pmChris Bull1
Deleting/ammending/addending reports18-12-07  01:46 pmIan Judd15
Dictaphone Powerscribe26-09-07  03:37 pmMartin Elms1
Urgent Report Priority19-09-06  05:53 pmMark Pickin24
Digital dictation versus voice recognition 18-09-06  09:48 amNick Hollings26
Soundproofing01-03-06  04:47 pmZiyad Abubacker1
Medical Dictionary27-07-05  06:24 pmAndrew Downie3
Highlighting Images to be Reported on PACS20-05-05  12:53 pmNicola Strickland11
Voice Recognition 101 (Presentation)11-05-04  05:58 amRex Randall Osborn1
DICOM GENERAL PURPOSE WORKLIST.12-10-03  09:26 pmDave Harvey9
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