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PACS & Radiology IT Systems Administrator - Band 7 - RMH Chelsea07-01-20  03:57 pmJennie Bird1
Imaging IT Solution Architect/ Visualisation specialist - Hyland He...28-01-19  06:18 pmSaduf Ali-Drakesmith1
Oxford - PACS / RIS Support Analyst (Band 6)09-01-19  06:19 amSarmstore11
London - PACS Manager (Band 8a)07-08-18  07:31 pmAlexander Peck1
RIS / PACS consulting role in Vanuatu31-05-18  05:05 amDonald Lewis1
Band 8a VNA Implementation Role- GOSH28-02-18  09:57 amSimon Hadley3
Surrey - PACS & Radiology IT Systems Administrator (AfC Band 7)...26-02-18  10:28 amJennie Bird1
London - PACS Administrator (Band 7)18-05-17  02:04 pmAlexander Peck1
Surrey - Full Time PACS Manager (Band 7)04-04-17  01:38 amAlexander Peck1
Warrington - PACS Manager (Band 7)29-03-17  04:40 pmAlexander Peck1
Combined Engineer / Support / Applications Specialist - Intelerad29-03-17  02:27 amAlexander Peck1
Applications Specialist - Agfa29-03-17  02:26 amAlexander Peck1
Manchester - Consortium Lead PACS Manager (Band 8a)29-03-17  02:18 amAlexander Peck1
Surrey - Bank / Ad-hoc PACS Manager (Band 7)29-03-17  01:56 amAlexander Peck1
Blackburn - PACS Manager (Band 8a)10-01-17  07:29 amBrandon Bertolli2
Sheffield - PACS Project Manager (25 p/h)13-12-16  11:49 amAlexander Peck1
Applications Support - Carestream13-12-16  11:45 amAlexander Peck1
Oxford - PACS / RIS Support Analyst (Band 5)13-12-16  11:38 amAlexander Peck1
Diagnostic Imaging Systems Manager Band 8a - Bristol07-11-16  11:57 amSteve Gray1
Bradford - PACS Manager (Band 7)05-11-16  09:25 pmAlexander Peck1
Essex - Adhoc PACS Project Manager (18.17/ph)05-11-16  09:19 pmAlexander Peck1
Loughborough - EMRAD Service Delivery Manager (Band 8b)05-11-16  09:10 pmAlexander Peck1
UK Sales Manager Healthcare I.T. - Agfa30-07-16  11:37 pmAlexander Peck1
CRIS Integration Specialist - HSS30-07-16  11:32 pmAlexander Peck1
CRIS Software Tester - HSS30-07-16  11:32 pmAlexander Peck1
CRIS Client Manager - HSS30-07-16  11:32 pmAlexander Peck1
CRIS Software Developer - HSS30-07-16  11:31 pmAlexander Peck1
CRIS Product Owner - HSS30-07-16  11:31 pmAlexander Peck1
Birmingham - Deputy PACS Manager (Band 6)30-07-16  11:14 pmAlexander Peck1
Archived Advertisements20-07-07  10:29 amWesley Bates186
Archive through April 01, 200801-04-08  10:19 pmJenni Coles21
Archive through December 10, 200810-12-08  12:32 amWesley Bates20
Archive through April 28, 201028-04-10  04:28 pmMarc Wilson21
Archive through November 16, 201116-11-11  04:15 pmMatthew West26
Archive through April 23, 201323-04-13  07:18 amChristine Lewis21
Archive through February 18, 201518-02-15  06:26 pmAlexander Peck22
Archive through July 26, 201526-07-15  07:34 pmAlexander Peck22
Archive through November 18, 201518-11-15  10:16 pmEmma Savage-Mady24
Archive through July 30, 201630-07-16  11:02 pmAlexander Peck20
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