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Role: Clinical Advisor
Pay: $95,000 US
Relocation assistance to $5000 US
Duration: At least 1-2 years

Details: The Clinical PACS Consultant offers expert clinical operations leadership for the consulting efforts supporting PACS (Picture Archival Communication Systems) initiatives in a multi-site IDN (Integrated Delivery Network). Specifically, the Clinical PACS Consultant is responsible for providing education and counsel on the operational/clinical aspects of PACS implementations. The Clinical PACS Consultant assists the Managing Sr. Clinical Partner in development of the consulting teamís methodology and approach. The Clinical PACS Consultant reviews all statements of work to ensure clinical completeness and performs the draft level quality assurance reviews of all deliverables from the operational/clinical perspective. He/She participates in the development and support of PACS clinical education and training of all clinical consultants on the PACS Team.

Responsibilities shall include facilitating meetings and providing direction to the organization in establishing system-wide PACS implementation standards. The Clinical PACS Consultant is the key point of contact between the PACS Team and clinical/operational management. He/She shall provide expert clinical consultation to the Affiliate/Site PACS team members. The Clinical PACS Consultant is a key change agent who is process-focused in establishing best practices and sharing PACS information across the IDN or in a particular site.

The Clinical PACS Consultant supports the Managing Sr. Clinical Partner, in all marketing efforts of the PACS consulting services within the organization. This includes conducting seminars and educational forums, developing materials, pricing models and other services as required by a changing market. The Clinical PACS Consultant serves as the backup to the Managing Sr. Clinical Partner, as designated from time to time, and requires similar knowledge and expertise in areas of contract, operations and leadership.[GJK1]

The Clinical PACS Consultant is responsible for coordinating PACS related physical building specifications to include the layout of Radiology/Imaging departments of new and existing facilities when requested.

Contact David Kresheck for further details.