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6th November 2012
Autumn Meeting, Tuesday 6 November 2012 Co-located with EHI Live, The NEC Birmingham
27th April 2012
Spring Group Meeting, Friday 27th April, BIR London
7th November 2011
Co-located with EHI Live, Birmingham
25th March 2011
Spring Group Meeting, Friday 25th March, BIR London
28-05-11  08:21 amNeelam Dugar35
8th November 2010
Autumn meeting, co-locating with EHI Live 2010 on Monday 08 November 2010 at The NEC, Birmingham
14-12-10  11:55 amNeelam Dugar54
19th March 2010
Spring Group meeting, BIR London
18-04-10  10:16 pmNeelam Dugar30
23rd October 2009
Autumn Group meeting, BIR London
04-03-10  10:10 amNeelam Dugar40
6th March 2009
Spring Group meeting, BIR London
03-04-09  09:46 amNeelam Dugar47
10th October 2008
The Autumn Meeting was held at the BIR in London
12-05-09  05:45 pmNeelam Dugar24
3rd June 2008
Held at the UKRC 2008, Birmingham
07-12-07  01:17 pmRhidian Bramley1
7th March 2008
Held at the BIR, London
21-03-08  07:39 amNeelam Dugar12
10th October 2007
Held in conjunction with the Management if Radiology conference, Oxford
04-11-07  09:16 pmRhidian Bramley6
17th June 2007
Held at the UKRC, Manchester
25-05-07  01:48 pmLaurence Sutton1
30th March 2007
Held at the Headlands hotel, Newquay
01-04-07  06:29 pmRhidian Bramley4
21st November 2006
Held at Hillingdon Hospital, London
26-11-06  09:56 amRhidian Bramley3
19th April 2006
Held at the BIR, London
20-04-06  02:48 pmLaurence Sutton10
15th November 2005
Held at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital, Wales
11-02-06  04:01 pmLaurence Sutton7
20th April 2005
Held at the British Institute of Radiology London.
23-04-05  11:27 pmRhidian Bramley10
29th October 2004
Held at the Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital, Aberdeen.
31-10-04  11:32 amKeith Foord4
25th March 2004
Held at the British Institute of Radiolgy, London.
18-04-04  01:12 pmKeith Foord7
20th November 2003
Held in Portsmouth hosted by Grant Shaw, Fiona Whitham and Penny Gordon.
05-12-03  11:18 pmRhidian Bramley6
25th June 2003
Held in conjunction with the international CARS 2003 and EuroPACS 2003 meetings in London.
06-12-03  09:44 pmKeith Foord8
13th November 2002
Notes of the meeting held at Calderdale Royal hospital, Halifax.
28-01-03  10:18 pmRhidian Bramley3
8th May 2002
Notes of the meeting held at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.
28-10-02  12:44 pmRhidian Bramley4
4th October 2001
Notes of the meeting held at University Hospital of Wales.
20th March 2001
Notes of the meeting on 20th March 2001